Thursday Session - 17 October

I can't believe I'm still up! I hate insomnia.

Anyway, this is what I will be doing today:

What: 5-6 mile fartlek sesh
Why: Speedwork today, and I've already done intervals this week.

Last hard day: Will be today!
Last rest day: Yesterday.


  • Good Morning - very fresh here in Aberdeen today - at least no ice again though!!
    What : 6 mile easy
    Why : day 4 of schedule
    Last Hard day : Tuesday
    Last Rest day : Saturday

    Have a nice day - it's nearly the weekend !! yippee!!
  • Good Morning from sunny Glsagow (it's not really sunny, I was just kidding))

    What: 3x2 miles, jog recovery
    Why: Club night
    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day:Yesterday

    It's Thursday and even better I'm off tomorrow - Brilliant !
    Have a nice weekend.
  • Does anyone else take themselves off to the gym or go out for a run when they're angry, someone really p!!!ed me off last night (so called friends) went to the gym and did 10 min warm up, intervals 2 mins at 11.2kph, 2 mins walk x 5, 10 min walk. Then did weights for half an hour, felt better after that.
  • Morning all

    Did not get for my swim last night – I was ill with dizzy spells all day and could not shake it off – but feeling a bit better today

    What : 6-miler with sprints (hopefully)
    Why : Club night unstructured speed session (if I get my way)

    Last Rest Day : Yesterday
    Last Hard Day : Tuesday

    Only 1 week to Cyprus and maybe a couple of runs in the sun :o)

  • Yes, Wicked, and that is one of the reasons I am sooo glad I can run. Haven't yet found the fit of temper I can't run away from, but sometimes I have to go on rather long runs.

    Today: No indulgence in temper. 3M easy, taper for half on Sunday. Somewhat spoilt by rampant dyspepsia, brought on by a return to lecturing and work (his, not mine) generated domestic crises. It will be appropriate if I have to run Sunday with a stinking bellyache.

    So long for now. No training posts til after the half.

    Run well everybody!

  • Morning all. Lovely bright sunny day in Brum. Bit chilly, but I can live (and run) with that.

    What: Hope to do 7-8 mile run this afternoon and Bodypump class followed by a short swim later.
    Why: Schedules up the spout already this week, so doing what I like. Think I'll take it day by day now until Cheddar then do proper schedules again for Helsby.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Monday.

    Like you, WW, I find exercise brilliant for getting stress and irritation out of my system. Did my fastest-ever 5K last week after my daughter had wound me up - I didn't even bother to change into running gear before going out the door, just went out and pelted round the block.
  • Morning all

    What: Fartlek
    Why: More speed work

    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Monday

    Normally do my Thursday run on the treadmill - can you do fartlek on a treadmill?
  • Marj - good luck for the half.

    brilliant day today - here in the Marches

    what - club day - so kids at 6:15 and adults at 7. I'm hoping that once I'm strong enough I will be able to start doing the adult swimming lessons that start at 8 for an hour as well.

    why - joinning the club was the best thing I've done this time round and I'm hoping it will keep me going on.

    last hard day - Tuesday speed session
    last rest - Wednesday
  • Hi all. Lovely and sunny here in Nottingham too, although a bit cold. I really like Autumn when it's like this though.

    What: already done 30 mins of frontcrawl in the pool
    Why: working from home today
    Last rest day: Mon-Weds this week as I've been working really hard
    Last hard day: Sunday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Mornin' all , still a bit fresh innit!

    What : 45 mins fartlek
    Why : feel like a varied run
    Last Rest : Monday
    Last Hard : yesterday

    Next Race : Sundays Fleet 10k - hoping for a pb !
  • Feeling a bit stiff from yesterday but here goes

    What : I don't know as I'm going to a club tonight and have no idea what happens on a club night - can anyone tell me?
    Why: I'm getting tired of running on my own and probably need some help to improve
    Last Rest : Sunday
    Last Hard : Yesterday

  • What 7 mile run easy pace with half mile steep hills run at pace.
    Why - Something different - I normally just run a steady pace - and training for Leicester half
    Last Rest - Sat
    Last hard - yesterday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Don't know - possibly curling up on the couch with a bottle of painkillers.

    Why: Off to dentist in 45mins to get the dratted tooth pulled out at last.
  • Hope it's not as bad as you think it's going to be, Nessie!
  • What: maybe nothing; else something short

    Why: may not have the time. Need to get the weekly shopping in after work; also at 2000 cricket committee meeting. May be a blessing in disguise - feeling very short of zzzz's at the moment & still threatened by a cold which (hopefully) never quite materialises.

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Lovely day in Aberdeen, apart from the cold and rain that is.
    what: 5 mile threshold run
    why: I want to
    last hard day: Tuesday
    last day off: Saturday

    10 days to go to the marathon in Dublin so in taper mode.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Back from the dentist, with tooth still intact. My mouth wouldn't freeze enough to let him take it out, so its off to the hospital in the next few weeks for extraction under a general. I can have some lunch now :-)
  • still a bit eel - bracing myself as the future in-laws are coming to stay!
  • What: a very tired slow 6 miles
    Why: I don't really know why I was so tired, it could be Sunday took more out of me than I thought. I intended an easy week but today's run was at joke pace. No more running now until race on Saturday. As long as I feel able! It has been a very busy day at work, maybe it's that.
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • You should be taking it easy with all that racing, with maybe no running during the week at all, except maybe one recovery run. Maybe that joke pace has done you a favour. Good luck at the weekend.

    Saw Physio, who has put back my return to running by one week and to take it easy for a further 2 weeks. So no running until Sun 3rd Nov and no hard session for 2 weeks after that, ........... ho hum!

    What - rest, calf tight from yesterdays bike session.
    Last hard - 11 days
    next hard - 30 days!

    Where's the sad face button gone?
  • What: 10 miles
    Why: it's crisp, and perfect for running here in Notts
    Last hard run: today
    Last rest day: Monday

    Did ~ 1 mile warm-up then 2x2 mile @ 10K - 1/2 mararthon pace with v.v. easy 1 mile jog in between then 1 mile @ 5K pace and easy 2 mile jog home to finish up. Weather is absolutely perfect for running i.e. 40 degrees F, no wind and sunny, love it to bits!
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