Knee Problem

Help! I'm after some advice.

I'm suffering from an ache/discomfort (rather than a pain) just below my left knee (Patellar tendon?). Started 2 weeks ago after my long slow Sunday run (15 miles). After a few days I went to the physio, who advised a week off running and lots of quad stretches etc but the problem is nothing serious.

I had a few runs during this week. The discomfort was there for a mile or so then disappears only to re-appear a few hours later and then stays for several days.

Completely rested Thursday, Friday and Saturday - discomfort gone by Friday. Went to go for a run this morning, within a few yards (50) the problem was back. I just stopped and returned home. Did not run through it.

My questions are:
Do you think my self diagnosis is right?
What sort of running lay-off am I looking at?
Is the FLM still a possible target? (Ran 18 miles last Sunday)
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