Wonder if any of you can help? I have found that my stamina has disapeared of late. The last race i ran was Blackpool half marathon in june(which i felt i undertrained for)and i have felt tired,un-interested in running and generally feel i can't finish a 3 mile training run. I take a multibionta vitamin and 500mg of vitamin c every day.
Anybody suffered the same....any advice on vitamins etc.Thanks


  • Damian, are you eating well in general? Plenty of carbs and so on? It won't be a vitamin thing if you're eating the standard sort of runner's diet.
  • I've been telling you for as long as I can remember that megadose vitamin supplements aren't good for you ;-)

    Think seriously about Glenn's point, Damian. What are you eating? No amount of pills will compensate if you're not eating enough for the level of training you want to do, or if your diet is full of junk food. Some runners DO get away with eating next to nothing or eating nutrient-free pap, but most of us can't.

    wWhat were you doing in the way of training before you ran out of steam? It's all too easy to overtrain and get "burned out", with physical and mental fatigue and lack of motivation for exercise as a result.

    And it would be worth asking your GP to have a look at you and maybe do a blood test to make sure you're not anaemic or hypothyroid.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I've been struggling with a chronic tiredness and lack of energy over the past 4 years or so and eventually went to see my GP and after tests eventually showed a borderline underactive thyroid which is corrected by a daily dose of thyroxine.

    I started a fitness plan 6-7 weeks ago and at first felt ok but gradually have got more tired.

    My thyroid readings are normal but frankly i feel lousy at the moment - the GP says depression and has prescibed anti d's
    but its hard to convey the frustration at not having the energy I used to have - was always very active and sporty and now it takes such a lot of effort just to keep to a walking programme.
    Its the frustration that gets me down and I guess its a vicious circle.

    I hope you can back to your energy levels and keep on running !
  • How nice of Bune to think of someone elses problems, when he has his own!!!! Just shows the kind of people we have here on RW forums.!!!! Hope you re-discover your motivation again soon Bune. Bill.
  • Thanks everybody. When i read Bunes thread i've stopped feeling sorry for myself...get well soon mate!
    On a lighter note..thanks glenn...i have'nt carbo loaded as much as normal...and i have ate some junk food...obviously i know the food i should be eating for our sport...but what do any of you especially recomend?
  • malt loaf, no Id better not start that again
  • You can't eat too much malt loaf.

    Damian, I'm sure you know what's got the carbs in, but maybe concentrate on the fruit and veg thing as well? This will help ensure you get your vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

    The recommended five is a good start, but it's been suggested that runners need eight or nine. Try to include some green and leafy stuff in this - the ready washed bags of salad that supermarkets sell are great for doing this without the pain of cooking/washing/chopping and so on.
  • Oh, and gin must *always* be served with a slice of lemon!
  • And in a frozen glass
  • and on the balcony in malaga!thanks!
  • Try rubbing the lemon hard around the top of the glass before you put it in the drink. Then take every sip from a different bit of the glass.... it tastes so lovely and lemony.... yum yum yum


    p.s. With malt loaf in the other hand obviously.

  • Is there much carb in Laphroaig?

    I'm feeling very tired and lethargic today, but I know I need to get out there tonight. I think I need a combination of an ass-kicking and the knowledge that once I get out there I'll probably (hopefully?) be fine...

  • OOh Gordon, wish I had a lemon now
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