Derby Ramathon – Half Marathon

Anyone done this one before ?

Can you give an honest view of the race?

This will be my first time at the Ramathon, i have done the Robin hood in the past and enjoyed it.  I get the feeling this one will be much faster as flatter.


  • HI I'd defo do it again, first time last year, thought it was one of the best courses i'd ever ran, the only downside was being at the sheeps ground then getting a t-shirt with a sheep on it that being a forest fan i'll never wear..besides that great race, way better than the robin hood..

  • I've done it twice (slightly different route each year) and thought it was a good event. Depending on the speed you run, you could get problems with congestion in places on the course (especially as I believe they've increased the numbers this year), though I think the route is slightly different, so maybe that won't be an issue?  Not doing it this year due to other priorities, but would enter again another year.  Good luck image

  • Thank you.  I have enjoyed the Robin Hood in the past and for me ( slow asthmatic plodder) it was a challenge but i really enjoyed it. So hopefully i will enjoy this one too. 


    As for the Tshirt with a sheep on,,,, i cant say i am a football fan at all so not something i am overly excited about.  but hey its nice to be awarded with something. The finish line before the sweeper is my only goal.

  • Did it last year and enjoyed it. Course is flat and fast though a lot depends on the temperature on the day, from memory last year was about 12/13c in the morning so just ok for fast running.

    Contrary to above I thought the start was great with no congestion thanks to wide roads and runners getting in the right pens based on their expected times.

    Race is good value compared to Robin Hood though I'll probably do that as well.

    Only quibble was the chaotic bag collection after the race, hopefully a few more staff on that will sort it out.

  • RAM t-shirt yes! RAM medal yes! What's not to like? The reason Im traveling hundreds of miles to do it!!!! Baaaaaa!!! Roaaaarrr!!


  • Doing this in June 2018. Any advice on best place to park. Never been to Derby before.
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