replacement HRM

OK - my nearly 8 year old Polar Accurex NV is starting to play up, and I doubt whether it's worth sending it to Polar to get them to fix it. I might as well start hunting round for a replacement.

Required features:
Facility to a)
record and retain splits - at least 40 (Current HRM records up to 44)
Ditto HR drop in recovery period (which can be set by the user)

b) calculate mean HR

Desirable feature:

facility to calculate variance in HR over exercise period - or some other feature(s) useful for interval training/reps

Would be nice but don't really mind:

PC data download facility

Does anyone know the HRM market and can advise in terms of products and likely cost?



  • Cardiosport Xtreme (£100) does 100 splits (but only seems to allow a single string of splits - can't use it for 2 sessions at once) - does mean and max for session as well, and HR recovery based reps, and recovery time (drop past rate 1, time till rate 2)

    Does a time below/in/above zone - maybe for 2 zones at once, but I didn't seem to achieve what I expected this morning with it.

    Not overly impressed with the case/buttons. I'd have expected more for the money! - not seen any other HRMs close up to compare though.
  • Cardiosport does have the advantage of excellent after-sales service, and if you want to you can just buy the wrist monitor without having to buy a new chest strap - take your old chest strap shoping with you to make sure that they work together.
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