Hayling 10

Hi everyone...

I'm looking to take part in this event in November. Have been running for a fair few years but not competitively and was wondering what sort of time such an event is won in. My Best for 10 miles is just under 58 minutes. This probably sounds a little too competitive, but was wondering what sort of people take part.



  • Most people taking part are runners (ha ha)

    Seriously, you'll be looking at a top 15 finish out of around 700-800 with that time and last year's winners was inside 54 minutes from memory.
  • Thanks for that. I think the flat course should be good, and not having to dodge traffic and cross too many roads will make a nice change.

    Cheers & good luck!
  • Hi again,

    is there a check in point at the school? Do you get a number? Do you get notified that your entry money has been received and that you're ok to take part officially, or do you just turn up on the day and work it out.

  • You should get your number in the post, other people I know of got their numbers through about 10 days ago, my cheque had not cleared so I phoned them and they said they had more to send out, I actually sent a further entry explaining that I thought my first entry had gone astray, got a number through on Saturday, not sure if the first or second attempt - so probably best to call them.

  • Does anybody know if there will be a problem with entering on the day. Has anyone done this.
  • I don't believe you can enter on the day, but if you're close enough to Hayling to take the trip you can always try. My bet would be 'no' though I'm afraid. Good luck

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