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A quick message to let people who are interested in buying a Timex SDM watch know that www.ebay.co.uk are really cheap. I bought a 100 Lap version for £95 (RRP £220) from a company in New York including shipping. Last time I looked they had 5 left. Enter "Timex Speed" in the search field and select items available to the UK on the search option to view the various sellers. The site is safe to use in terms of credit cards etc and delivery is real quick... Happy hunting....


  • How much were delivery, and more importantly, import charges for you though.

    I would like to buy one of these from the U.S. on ebay but how can you tell how much the import duty will be?

    Was yours a lot? What price did you pay in total? I'm wondering whether it would be better to just buy it from new york as i'm going in february.

  • I was all set to treat myself to the Timex SDM for christmas until I found out about the ciclosport RDS (Radar distance system) this unit on its own costs £129.00 on its own or can be teamed up with the ciclosport CP41 HRM which also costs £129.00.

    If you buy both together the cost is £240.00 which is comparable with the cost of the Timex SDM but you get you heart rate readings and the speed & distance readings on the HRM.

    See http://www.msgbikes.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Latest_News___Products_13.html

    for more information.

    Think I might treat myself to this instead.

  • Jonathon,

    I bought mine from ebay including postage for £110. I didn't get charged any import duty on it but even so it isn't going to be £100! I have bought things previously from the States and have been charged up to around £30 for items of about £60-80. Well worth doing at half price. I used seller joetimex and he wrote on the packet that it was a gift and it was valued at $30 so customs didn't look at it, not sure what the legal standpoint is on this though.

  • I thought the Nike SDM had a really bad reputation for reliability, so much so that some regular UK stockists have stop selling them. I don't think I want to buy one from a bloke in New York who once advertised on eBay.

    Apparently, Nike are about to release a Mk 2 that addresses some of the problems with the Mk1 - could be why these are going cheap.
  • Tom B - Timex not Nike.

    MK - definitely like the sound of the combied watch HRM and SDM. The product advertised in this months issue of runners world, a watch by Suunto, with the altimeter, combine all three with a pC download facility - now that would be something, providing it didn't weigh 50kg!
  • I bought one for about £100 from www.clevertraining.com a US site. I paid import duty of £22 and it cost another £15 for shipping costs.Delivery was within 10 days.Definitely recommend buying one from the US.
  • Hi SH
    Seen that ad in RW, but since I am only running since July 2002 I have no use yet for the altimeter :)
  • Ooops, posted b4 I finished the message.

    My hill work is not that intense :)
  • MK - Neither is mine but it would show your pace in relation to the hills you do run, with excertion as well, thought it would be an interesting combination, at probably an interesting price. The hand brake would never let me have such a luxury item anyways:)
  • Does anyone know how safe (credit card details) and reliable ebay are??? I'm sure I heard a warning about the company on one of those consumer complaints programmes. Those cheap Timex SDM's are very tempting though!!
  • Thanks everyone for all your help. I think I'll stick with the timex unless anyone knows about the accuracy of this other radar distance monitor one.

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