100km Namibia Ultra / multi day

I am looking for adventure marathons and ultras for this year, the later part if the year ideally and wanted to know if anyone has run this event? It looks really spectacular, and doesn't look insanely hard for my first multi day, although I might be very wrong. So does anyone have any advice on how to train for such an event, any tips, and any reviews of past races?




  • Ben Davies is out in Africa at the moment doing the elephant trail ultra this weekend.


    So maybe post him a private message asking for his thoughts on it once he gets back.  image it's not the same one but will give you an idea of the sort of thing that goes on. 

  • Ahh it's a mini MDS image it's 100km spread over x days?





    It looks like a nice holiday with a running/walking breaks in it image

    If you get on with the people you are going to share a tent with I guess it will be awesome.  if you are a grumpy insular cow like I am, it might be a struggle.

    That huge sanddune that you have to climb on the final day looks awesome, reminds me of Ice Cold in Alex, and them plodding up a dune with the ambulance.

    There is a MDS thread, maybe search out training plans for MDS as it's very similar, just this is shorter so similar sort of things I guess, just not as long image

  • thanks for the info. Yes it does look like a mini MDS. It's not tent sharing either, its actual accommodation, which looks good after hard running in the day, epic scenery is drawing me to this one!



  • I have climbed those dunes. Very loose sand and hard work getting up. But you can run down again at light speed.

    Namibia is very beautiful and largely unspoilt.

    But it can be hot in the day with little shelter in an open landscape.

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  • Dank-artDank-art ✭✭✭

    Thanks Poacher, yes i am very very tempted, those Dunes look incredible, what an amazing place to run! image

    Distances per day don't look horrific, and it's in December so i am thinking i have plenty of time for event specific training!




  • I had run this race when it was 100 miles and I'm proud to be the course director now. This year 2017, will the the 12th birthday. The race is fantastic and I recommended 100%.
    Accommodation is great, food is fantastic and the race is not easy. You will experience Namibia completely and the final climb to the highest sand dune in the world is incredible !!!
    Le me know if you may need more information.
    Course Director for RacingThePlanet,
    Zitoway, Lavaredo Ultra Trail and China Ultra 100
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  • Hi Carlos. This is showing as sold out on the website - are you operating a waiting list?
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