Seen anything good (or not so good) at the pictures lately?

I saw "Signs" the other week, which I thought was alright. Tonight I'm off to see "One Hour Photo" (unless you all say it was crap). I quite fancy "My Little Eye too".


  • 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' was hilarious, definitley worth going to see. Apart from that I haven't seen anything for months... I have though already booked to see Harry Potter on Nov 8th!!
  • I thought that the Greek wedding film was a bit disappointing - the film is very funny but I thought that they could have developed the theme a bit more. As it was, the family was dead opposed to the nuptials, then next thing hubby to be gets baptised and then there's the wedding.
  • Last week I went to see "Back to the Future" - no joke. The Odeon was doing a rewind type of thing. Loved the film (still) and great to see a packed cinema. McFly........
  • Lilo and Stitch

    I DID have the kids with me I promise.
  • Wnet to see the Importance of Being Earnest, but they'd changed the times so saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding instead and really enjoyed it.
    Still drooling over Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity. (Went to see that on my own as hubby was away.)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Caz - My Little Eye is not really worth it. Good idea badly done.

    I really fancy Red Dragon. Read the book twice and seen the original film twice - fantastic and gory.

    Signs was ok, but not great.
  • The Greek bloke in my office said My Big Fat Grrek Wedding was really good but there were some funny touches that only Greeks would understand. Obviously plenty of funny bits for us non-Greeks too.

    Well I'm looking forward to One Hour Photo tonight, I'll let you know tomorrow what it was like. I'm planning on stuffing my face in there too as I won't have time to have dinner first, so a large bucket of salty popcorn, bag of minstrals, tub of ice cream and a diet coke :)
  • I saw a rather tasty carton of salty popcorn.
  • I havn't been to the pictures for years, last film I saw there was Spice World (my daughters idea) YUK.

    I watched Oceans 11 last night on DVD, thought it was pretty average, only watched it because I was in Las Vegas last year..

  • Haven't seen anything in a while, though I keep meaning to go.

    The last film I saw was either "Goldmember" (v funny, though possibly not as good as "The Spy Who Shagged Me"), or "Y Tu Mama Tambien" (a Mexican road movie, and very very good, very funny and moving at the same time).

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Parents down last week , so took the wife to see signs.
    Not very good at all, and I ran out of pick and mix halfway through (can't pace myself)

    Supposed to be taking daughter #1 to see the Powerpuff Girl Movie on Saturday

    Life in the fast lane , me.......
  • Dustin you should have worn your HRM and keep your WHR below 5-10% :)
  • I may be an old codger, but I will watch anything with Jodie Foster in it, so you know how much I loved Hannibal which also was a super favourite kind of a bit of running. Wonderful.
    What more could you want in a movie.??
  • Went to see Red Dragon last weekend, which was pretty good, if somewhat predictable. A bit on the dark and creepy side, but then I'm quite easily scared. Trouble is I had to take two nights off running because I was a bit too spooked to go out in the dark!!
  • I saw One Hour Photo on Friday in the end. I thought it was ok, but not outstanding. In fact I haven't seen an outstanding film in ages.

    I wanted to see "About a Boy" and missed it. I want to see Insomnia as that's supposed to be good. Anyone got a review on that?
  • I went to see Red Dragon last night and though it was OK, not sure if it was better than Manhunter or not. Francis Dollarhynd was a bit nicer to look at in this new one!

    Caz - have seen insomnia and it is pretty good - Al Pacino and Robin Williams wot more can U ask 4?

    Watched Blair Witch again last night on channel 4 and was STILL freaked out by it. No runs on the wooded lane for me for a days.
  • Saw signs a couple of weeks ago - left unable to decide whether I enjoyed it or not. Still not sure!

    Was supposed to be going to see Red Dragon last night but couldnt get motivated to move off the couch after my long run.

    The other half wants to see triple X - but Im pretty sure its going to be a let down.
    The new Al Pacino film Simone looks pretty good.

    I normally go on the spur of the moment and just see what is starting around the time we arrive.
  • Saw triple X at the weekend – marvellous – James Bond meets Rock and Roll with more than a smattering of extreme sports

    My sort of thing all the way

  • Yes and Vin Diesel isn't bad either - what a sexy voice!!!!
  • Moo moo, thanks for the info on Insomnia, I agree those two are good actors.

    I've wondered about triple X but I know I won't follow the plot as I'll be too busy oggling. :)
  • Caz he is very easy on the eye I must agree, a bit more muscle than I normally prefer but that voice.. that strut...cor!
    (and such lovely tattoos!)
  • I saw Donnie Darko at the weekend. A bit weird but very good, I recommend it.

    Going to see XXX tonight, I don't suppose I'll follow the plot, but it'll be nice to watch :)
  • Caz

    I really want to go and see this as its had rave reviews although sounds a bit mad - ie wierd green rabbit etc etc. Enjoy lovely Vin!
  • Moo moo, yeah it was a bit mad, but it was good, with humour too.

    I didn't get to see XXX last night in the end, so maybe next week.
  • Don't see Powerpuff Girls - its rubbish. Although little cougie said it was good.
    (I think he fancies Blossom though)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I'm in Iceland so we either get our films months before or months after the UK. Not sure if it's been released in the UK yet (or has come and gone), but last night we went to see 'The Legend of Ron Jeremy' (only gets a 16 certificate here!). Interesting ... I certainly learnt a lot of new Icelandic words from the subtitles.....

  • I saw Donnie Darko recently. You may have to look for it a bit - it went straight to video pretty much in the US, largely because it's not a no-brain Hollywood action movie. It's a bizarre coming-of-age / horror / comedy / sci-fi / weird film which EVERYONE HAS TO SEE BECAUSE IT IS A WORK OF GENIUS, AND THE BEST FILM I'VE SEEN THIS YEAR :)
  • Saw Changing Lanes today. Quite enjoyed it - also enloyed the Crunchie Nuggets and coffee.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Before my Florida trip went to see Lilo & Stitch with my 5 year old. Excellent story, very believable actors, very funny. And yes, I know it's a cartoon.

    On the flight over managed to watch:

    Spiderman: quite enjoyable with some good visual effects.

    About a boy: good storyline and quite funny with an unexpected ending.

    Sum of All Fears: Ben Affleck starred in this nuclear thriller. Quite tense and enjoyable.

    On the flight back:

    The Rookie: Predictable baseball film, but I like Dennis Quaid so enjoyed it.

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Worst film I've seen for ages. Had to fast forward it was that boring.

    Lantana: Australian murder mystery. Really enjoying it when they announced that the in-flight entertainment would be stopping within the next 5 minutes so had to fast forward to the end so I'm not quite sure what happened in the last 20 minutes. But I found out who the killer was!

    Showtime: Eddie Murphy, Robert De Niro & Rene Russo. comedy/thriller. Good film to watch when you're brain dead and haven't slept for nearly 24 hours.
  • Some oldies worth getting on video if you missed them: A Beautiful Mind; story of a maths genius diagnosed with schizophrenia, and how he fought his way back to health: Iris; biography of Iris Murdoch and her descent into Alzheimers (I know, I know, Small always says to me, "Mummy, you only like miserable films"): so, to cheer you all up...... Bend It Like Beckham; the story of a girl from a traditional Asian family who wants to become a professional footballer - absolutely brilliant!
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