A bicycle made for you?

As I am new to cycle training (as opposed to trundling along on a £180 hybrid clunker) I am still reeling from paying £800 for a road bike, though it is verrrrrrrry nice.
So cheer me up by telling me how much you've spent.
Betcha there's some big spenders....


  • I'm new to Triathlon so I only spent £249 though once I added other cycling bits and pieces I ended up spending well over £300. What bike did you get anyway?
  • It's a Cannondale r500 feminine.
    It's got a teeny weeny frame and tiny wheels.
    It goes so fast compared to my old bike. But it doesn't like potholes much. Shame since Edinburgh is most potholed place on the planet.
  • £900 for a custom made frame of Columbus SLX with Campag Chorus on it in 1992. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Still my favourite bike of all time. Not even my MTB is as nice.

  • Custom made eh? Sounds v nice.
    When I got on my 'dale it could've been made for me though. These bikes built for girls are great.
    I liked it so much I bought the MTB as well
  • £600 for a Marin Nailtrail but brought two of them so 1200 quid !!

    That was 3 years ago.

    But totally love them, best things i ever brought.
  • just bought this little beauty.... mmmmm

  • Hey that's a serious bit of kit!
    Mine is cute though

    Mine is the funky blue colour not the yik yellow
  • Yes that’s a serious bit of kit Andy (very nice).

    4 weeks ago I bought a Cannondale R800 2004 £1099 (with wheel upgrade to Mavic Kysrium Elite included)

    This is my first bike and move into Tri, im not rich by any means but love nice things and just loved the look of the Cannondales from when I first saw them. Contrary to comments I got at the time of buying I don’t think the ride is harsh though have nothing to compare it to, I gather the wishbone rear forks on later Cannondale somewhat reduces the harshness though.
  • Andy and Will - are you considering getting them dirty at any point in the near future?

  • Twice a Day......

    Have you changed you name???

    Oh and is that training twice a day or are you 'knackering out your partner' lol
  • Bought a gorgeous Scott MTB in 1990 for £1200. Sold in in '92 for £600 to pay off my debts :o(

    Saw a beauty at the recent Tri exhibition for £8995!

    NINE GRAND for a bike???

  • Guess that was the Giant TCR 100 or whatever its called... very nice bike.
  • 220 have a comp to win a 5 grand QR
  • Yup, it was a Giant- very nice looking altho for that price I usually expect air conditioning and a CD player included :o)
  • not to mention a 900cc engine.
  • Hah.

    And if I win it, who'll be my best friend, I wonder?
  • Will and Andy (and some of the others) I'm drooling. Why are bikes so beautiful?
  • I think Andy is the winner so far - I hope you got a nice tough bike box to keep the ryan air baggage handlers at bay !!!
  • oy - who you calling a baggage?!?
  • lol jj

    chris - i do.... but i was thinking of taking that logistics firm on the ironman austria website up on their offer, just to be on the safe side!!
  • For some reason when I click on the link it just comes up with gobbledygook....Surely it's still going to be subject to bagage handlers somewhere along the line ?? Is it better insured ? How much do they charge ?
  • spent a grand on custom made roadie last summer and run a Marin Mt Vision MTB bought in '98 for £1500 - £2k now. just put a new rear shock and shifters on the Marin so that's another £500 gone.

    biking is an expensive hobby if you like nice kit

    no kids helps!!!!
  • Well I don't have a car which is the way I rationalise having bought two bikes
  • I think i must be quite sad as i have a pair of wheels on my £3000 giant which cost me £1200!!

    Well thats what i should have paid!

    Strange though as i look after my bike very well, clean it and all that, but my car cost's 3x the price and i drive it and treat it like ive stolen it?!
  • chris i assume it will be in safer hands

    when i clicked it there was a quote order form in english (below all the german) so i was going to see what it cost

    will probably just do the ryan air thing though - i have a nice hard box
  • [snigger]
  • Here's mine..


    but in lovely yellow instead, and probably with a few different bits on. Was a pressie though so don't know how much. :-)
  • Nice Pressie. Please God can I have girlfriend that buys me such Presents.

  • I know!! He's a top chap.
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