My first half

I have just entered the Leicester half marathon which is on 24 November. Im now really worried that i won't be able to complete it and haven't trained enough.

I currently run about 30km a week but this is just on the treadmill. I haven't ventured outside much at all but know i have to, and plan to start this weekend. My longest run to date is 15km (on the treadmill, ran at a steady pace of around 11.2 kilometres an hour - don't know what this is in miles!)

My other runs are shorter and include speed and hill training. I also swim and do weights inbetween my runs.

I'm finding the longer runs okay and even feel like i have something left at the end of them for a faster finish. I don't know how im going to tranfer my treadmill training onto the road and into the race!

Has anyone got any advice for me??



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    15 km = 9.5 miles and 11.2 km/hour = 7mph(divide by 8, multiply by 5).

    This means that you are doing roughly 8.5 minute miles, which is a lot faster than me!

    If you can comfortably run 9.5 miles, the other 3.6 will be no problem, as the excitement of the event will be enough to carry you through. However, as you already realise, there is a difference between treadmill and road running. On the road, you have to propel yourself forward rather than just up and down, and the surface is much harder on the legs.

    You have plenty of time to make the switch - try to do 2 runs a week on the road, to get used to the bashing your legs take, and if you don't already, set the incline on the treadmill to 1.5 to better simulate the extra effort needed. Don't do your longest run on the road - you could get injured, which you don't want at this stage.

    I'm sure you'll manage the race just fine.
  • Good advice,Nessie. Just what i was about to say.
    Also, Jo - you have the weather outside to become accustomed to. Start doing at least one, preferably two runs a week outdoors so that you can work out what you need to wear. This is especially important at this time of year when it's beginning to cool down.
    Good luck with the Leicester 1/2M. keep an eye on the 'Events' thread and you'll probably see that other forumites are going to be there.
  • Thanks for the advice both. Im going to 'get out there' tonight. Not planning on going too far though.

    Good advice about working out what to wear. I can't stand being too hot and alway wear a vest and shorts in the gym but obviously this might not be suitable outside at this time of year! I don't think i'd feel comfortable running in long sleeves, but will just have to experiment and find out.
  • Jo,

    Don't worry to much, I did the Nottingham 1/2 in September having never ran more than 6 miles in one go during training. Just make sure you set off at a pace you are comfortable at and I'm sure you will get round without to much trouble.
    I've entered the Leicester 1/2 also so we may bump into each other on the way round.
    Good luck with the training
  • Jo

    I bet you'll find lots of people in the field who are less well prepared than you. If you need scientific proof that you can do it Nessie's maths are spot on. If you want emotional proof - you can run the same speed as me, you run further every week than me & I know I could finish a half marathon because in earlier running incarnations I have with far less preparation (which I would not advocate).

    Have a brilliant day on the 24th
  • Hi Jo

    Whatever else you wear make sure its high visibility even a yellow retroreflective bib is not over the top at night, remember that road traffic is not runner friendly and even crossing small side roads can be dangerous never mind busy junctions.
    Best of luck in the great outdoors and in your race

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