Marathon gear

Doing my first marathon on Sunday and am wondering whats best to wear? I generally like to run pretty well wrapped up but the advice seems to be for shorts and a singlet. Is there any reason I'm not aware of that I shouldn't run in a rain jacket (rain and wind forecast)?


  • clientje,

    by now all your race prep should be done and dusted leaving you all relaxed with nothing to worry about.
    what you wear will depend on the pace that you will be running, and the temperature that you will be running in.
    i wouldn't recommend wearing anything that you have not already worn on your long runs as chaffing is often painful.

  • The forecast for Sunday is crap, so take the rain jacket - better to have it tied round your waist all the way than to freeze and not finish. A marathon is a long way to run in the rain.
    Good luck. Which one are you doing?
  • Thanks guys. Am doing Amsterdam. Weather looks wet and cold so will definitely wear the jacket.
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