Uneven legs!!!!


I'm relatively new to running and have found that every run that I do, my right leg is more pumped than my left! There is a difference in muscle size too. Is this common amongst runners?
Is there any thing that can be done about it?
Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Do you play fooball Bob? If so are you predominately one footed? My right leg is more "Pumped up" because of this! I haven't found it much of a problem - though my left does tire sooner. (I'm new too, so in time it may right itself!)
  • I have this too - in my case the physio's opinion was that it was because I put more weight on one leg than the other, because I lean to one side, which essentially because one leg is slightly longer than the other. In my case I now have a small wedge in the back of the shoe for the shorter leg to try to even things out.

    It hasn't been an instant solution, this has had knock on effects, but I do feel it's a step in the right direction.

    Your uneven legs might not be caused by the same things though - the football leg thing sounds highly plausible.

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