Help me find a Club - Please !!!!

Hi everyone,
I've been running on my own for about 6 months on and off after running Race for Life.I love running but my motivation is definately slipping. Its cold,wet and dark and there's nobody to run with.I thought "give yourself a goal girl" - I entered my first 10K for mid November. Now I'm nervous as well as unmotivated
Does anybody know of a beginner(not that quick) friendly club in or around the Ripley,Alfreton area
Hope you can help


  • sorry Sue I can't help you with the area, but the way I found my club was through ringing round the leisure centres in our area. The club meets at one of the centres twice a week and the receptionist gave me the number of the women's organiser.
    Before I joined I was running on and off, since I joined I really benfited from running with other people (you feel bad if you don't go), and done a few races I wouldn't have done all by myself.
    Good luck
  • Sue,

    I live in Belper and am searching for a club to. I have found clubs based in Belper,Heanor, Ilkeston by looking up the Uk Athletics web site ( searching for east midlands based clubs. All the details you need are there for you to look at.
    Hope this helps

  • Hi Sue, you could try here, Club Directory UK , there seems to be a lot of clubs listed, best wishes, NN
  • Hi everyone
    Thanks for your help
    I checked out the sites suggested and have found a club in Ripley - hopefully they are beginner friendly
    I'll let you know how I get on - Oh yes and if I pluck up the courage to do the race !!!
    Thanks again
  • Sue

    No if's allowed on this forum or you get reported to the RW Moderator. There really are loads of us who have made that leap forward with the same nervousness as you are experiencing and lived to tell the tale again & again. You are of course now obligated to post your result after the race, so there's no ducking out now.

    WHEN you successfully complete the 10k in what will of course be a new Personal Best we'll all be dead pleased for you.
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