Skipping Minidiscs

Hello all.

I can't get on with my minidisc whilst I'm running (i.e. it starts skipping despite supposedly being equipped with Sony's antiskip mechanism) unless I hold it in my hands, which drives me mad after a few minutes. I was looking at the Nathan micro music/phone carrier belt on the Up and Running web site and wondered whether anyone had used anything like this, or could recommend an alternative.


Musicless Ronnie


  • Same here - I have a Sony Minidisc with anti-skip system but it does skip. The way I get around this is as follows. The Minidisc came with a carry-case and belt clip. If you turn the carry-case the other way around (i.e. have the Minidisc inside your shorts and clip onto your shorts in reverse) you will find that your shorts hold the Minidisc close to your body and that it doesn't bounce around or skip. Since doing this the Minidisc has never skipped. Hope this garbled message makes sense.
  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    My MD came with a carry case which attaches around the arm.I have only used it a couple of times but it certainly didn't skip at all despite running off road.The case I got free from the Sony Shop with the player but is available from Sony for £15?.
  • I also attache it into the inside of my shorts/tights and place it just above the hip, where theres less bounce. I aslo noticed skipping can happen when the batteries are low and I read somewhere that the antiskipping device will only run for a certain period of excessive bumping, I may have dreamt that though.

  • Yes, the inside of the shorts trick seems to do the job. Probably best not to try it in the gym in lycra shorts though - got some very strange looks when I did it...

    Thanks for the advice!


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