Hello...I'm pants....


I need some help! I'm pants on my bike!
I used to own a mountain bike and would cycle between 110-120 hilly miles each Saturday morning. I want to do a few triathlons. So I sold my old bike and have bought a Trek 1000 ordinary road bike - no I'm not rich and don't have a lot of money to spend on my bike.
I took it out at the weekend and 'Gordon Bennett' is it different or what. The set up and everything is correct - (the person/shop who sold me the bike has done so since I was 4, so he knows me quite well).
What I really need is to find a really good web-site with cycling tips - even better if I can find a local group who go out on a Saturday that know there stuff. If you know of any sites could you please let me have them?
Thanks :0)


  • people here will probably help you better than any website, ET.

    And you're not Pants, he'll be along in a minute (knows the odd thing or two about triathlon...)
  • Hang on - you did 100-120 miles on a Saturday morning ?? Blimey. That's good stuff.

    Sounds like you need a bike club. Whereabouts are you ? And did you see any roadies whilst you were out ? Theres bound to be a cyclists cafe somewhere near you where they all meet. Just tag along there.

    Yeah - the riding position is different, but you'll get used to it. At least you'll have the legs for it, which is the hard part.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Cycling Weekly has a list of club rides in the back pages. They also have a website which might help you.

    120 miles on an MTB - blimey!!!!! And in a morning!
  • hang on peeps - have just noticed ET is female - no dissing the girls here but 100+ miles over the hills on a morning and female

    all bow chaps
  • Cougie,
    I'm in the Cotswold Valleys - do you know of any where?
    I occasionally see cyclists, but I don't cycle with them because most of them tend to be going too slow. I only cycle once a week (the rest of the time I'm too busy running and swimming) so I want a good workout from it - (LizzyB, I start out at around 5am, hence the mileage - it is correct I clocked it up in my car).
  • http://www.bcf.uk.com/clubs/2003/clubs_contents.shtml

    That will give you local clubs. Also as LizzyB says - buy the comic and see what they say.

    Cotswolds very hilly - done some rides round there - lovely part of the world.

    And kicking off at 5am ? I think we have a potential world champ here ! Ay caramba !

    You'll prob need to fit another couple of rides in in the week though if you want to progress faster. (eeek)

    A good club will bring you on in technique, training, and have races for you.
  • 1O0 MILES + is bloody good!

    You need to add your distance to the 'how far can we go' thread as they are lacking good cycling miles!!!
  • Only girl I know who could do that kind of distance got a bronze in the Commonwealth games.

    I'm sure I couldn't do 100 miles at the moment !
  • if i compare my road bike to my mountain bike (knobbly tyres) on the road i go near as dammit twice as fast for the same effort

    120 miles would realistically take me 10 hours by by MTB - could fit it in saturday morning, but i'd have to get up bloody early to do so!!!

    i wouldn't be worried if i were you
  • by my MTB
  • Thanks Cougie for the advice and web-site. LizzyB, I shall find that mag and buy an issue (I can never understand the gadget side of things in those kind of mags - a bike-is-just-a-bike isn't it?)
    And Andy, I miss my mountain bike, but I don't miss the tricks and some times painful stunts I'd try to pull - painful arn't they? - last trick I tried I fell onto the cross bar v. painful and I'm not even a guy!
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