Mudroc - Innov 8

Has anyone tried these yet? I'm wondering whether to buy. I've always run off road in Walsh PB.


  • They're fantastic shoes Wendy. Have run a seasons worth of x-country in them with no problems. They even got me round Tough Guy this year and look as good as new (after much rinsing).
  • Quite so Armadillo - my favourite shoes...
  • Excellent shoes. I wear them for off-road races and for faster-paced training off-road. I feel they offer more protection than Walshes yet feel light and responsive.
  • Thanks for the response, I think I;ll be buying a pair at the weekend.
  • these shoes are the absolute daddies - i have had two pair now and they are great - have even run a 10k road race in them and PB'd it !
  • Don't know that I'd run 10km on the road in them but they are more suportive and protective than walshes - as well as being wider in the forefoot (usually I have to buy shoes 1.5 sizes larger in Walshes to fit). Not sure that thy offer quite the same grip, however, and as RW says they do take a bit of getting used to.
  • Doesn't lots of road running wear out the studs quickly?
  • Oh, I was asking about the Walsh in the local running shop yday, and was gonna get them in preparation for some X country and Tough Guy races in the winter.

    Now I'm wavering....
  • I can recommend the Inov-8's, I run offroad as much as possible - hence the moniker - and have a large collection of fell shoes, a la Imelda Marcos so my GF says, the Inov-8's are better than Walshes (wear n' tear, last quality etc), I rate them slighty above the Adidas Davos/Swoop but I tend to swop between these shoes for certain races but then I am a bit pedantic when it comes to hill running.
  • I bought a pair a few weeks ago!! Straight out of the box I ran in the national XC championships - they are very comfortable and gave tremendous grip. I'll be doing more off road from now on...!!
  • I've raved about these in the past and they remain my current favourite shoe - and I love the advert (see their website for more)
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