Thermal running socks

LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
Went running today ... 2 degrees. All of me was toasty, apart from my feet, which were freezing.

I live in Iceland, so as the winter goes on, the temperature will drop to -20. I´ve got the rest of my winter kit sorted out but am still running in the same socks that I´d wear for a UK summer!

Has anyone tried thermal running socks? Do they make a differenc? I've seen some in the Newline catalogue but does anyone else do them?

PS Thought about wearing thermal walking socks, but I think they´d be a bit thick to wear with running shoes?


  • lizzy,

    check out socks from either Thurlo or faulke.

    i am not sure if they will keep your toes worm at -20, but another alternative is to wear a pair of thin running sock (1000 miles) with thicker running sock (see above), the old layering system is tried and tested.

    alternatively buy a sharp axe and smaller running shoes.

  • I've just got that ST!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Ba boom!

    It´s snowing today and 'orrible and wet. I´ll try the layering technique and report back later ....
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Reporting back:
    2 degrees, northerly wind and sleet today - ugh. And I ran in it - purely in the interests of research (meant to be my rest day).

    Feet warm and toasty with 1000 mile socks underneath and Thorlos on top.

    Thanks SuperTed!
  • Hi Lizzy,

    Have a look at the following site
    I've used their socks for running and biking in wet and really cold conditions and found them to be superb.

    My feet do get a little sweaty in them but they stay warm and, if it's raining or I'm running hard, they'd be damp anyway so the advantages outweigh that particular disadvantage for me.

    On another issue, since you're based in Iceland, I'm looking for an overseas marathon to run and have been considering Rekjavik (sp ?)
    What's the area like for scenery and would it be a motivating race to do, do you think ?

  • i am glad your feet are nice and warm now.

    i am in the north of scotland and the first real snow has appeared on the hills last night, it won't be long until i'll be running in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Stop it!! Please!! The temperature down here in the midlands dropped to 37'F last night and I'm feeling soooooo cold! Anyone any ideas how to fit a hot waterbottle into a pair of shoes or round my middle???

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Dangly Spice - what´s 37 degrees in real money? I´m a complete wuss when it comes to cold weather so not sure how I ended up here. There's a blizzard going on outside my window at the moment.

    Bruxy - the socks on the sealskins website look good - thanks. Got me thinking about using some of my biking clothing for running - like my Asseos windproof bib pants. I might look silly but I don't care ...

    I haven't done the Reykjavik marathon yet. I's meant to be a really friendly and well-organised race, a few internationals take past but mostly it's club/fun runners. Reykjavik isn't a particualry attractive city though, and it rains a lot there. On a good day though the sea and the sky will be blue and the mountains green so it could be lovely.

    I'm planning to do the Lake Mývatn Marathon next year - held at midnight on 21 (I think) June, ýou run round Lake Mývatn (north east Iceland) in broad daylight in the middle of the night. Magic!

    This year I ran the Þorvaldsdalskokkið race( - it's in Icelandic, so click on ´Myndir´for pics). It's a 26 km race along a mountain pass - the most stunningly beautiful race I've ever done and one I'm definitely doing again!

    SuperTed - What part of Scotland are you in?
  • Bruxy,

    Reykjavik isn't overly beautiful (don't be surprised that all the swimming pools are outdoor though - the water comes straight out of the ground and is already hot) but if you are up for the trip then you need to do the Golden Circle - this includes the Gulfoss waterfall, The Strokhur Geyser and the Blue Lagoon. The scenery is volcanic and gives the impression of what you might think a lunar landscape would look like. It is an acquired taste but I thought it was a great experience. Just be aware that the weather changes by the minute
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