Feeling rough!

This is my first winter of proper running. I wondered what the general advice is about running when feeling under the weather. I've had a throat virus for nearly two weeks...should I carry on running or wait until I feel 100% better? It's frustrating as I was really enjoying training and now I feel I'll have regressed a bit!


  • Caroline,

    Hopefully you'll get some advice from one of the other forum members who actually know what they are talking about, but my view would be to give it a break until you're better.

    We all understand the frustration of not being able to train. However, it's possible that running could prolong your virus and possibly lead to complications.

    For my money, the most important thing is that you don't lapse from training once you are better.

    Good luck with shaking it off.


  • Caroline, you need Vrap for authoritative advice, but the consensus here seems to be that training with a snotty nose is OK, infection further south demands rest.
  • Caroline,
    Definitely rest until you feel better, you could try a gentle run on a treadmill (if you belong to a gym or have one at home) later as the infection wears off a bit.
  • You should ease off the excercise when under the weather, throat infections can take hold and you could end up on anti-biotics.

    Rest well and you'll be out there soon.
  • Thanks for all the advice. I did run for 15 mins on the treadmill, the other day and then some other gym work. It felt ok at the time, but later that day, I felt really whacked out again. I've been laying off the exercise since, it's hard though isn't it!
  • Hi Russ,

    No offence meant, but is that photo actualy you, or is it a piccy of David Brent ?

    I'm asking because I really can't tell - my eyes have been growing dim for a while but until now, I've not really admitted it!

    Anyway, if it is really your photo, well done mate!.

    And if it's not, er... well done mate!

  • Actually it's David, but he, like me, I like to firstly offer advice, like a manager if you like, then secondly as a friend and of course thirdly I like to entertain! I need to better that foto I think!
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