Hamstring problems

I have been time trialling/MTB/Cyclo-cross racing for many years. I started running four or so years ago, but apart from entering half marathons with little training it wasn't particularly regular. It became more regular two years ago with only calf pain which soon went.

I altered my pedalling style gradually from that point, but almost a year ago started getting hamstring problems in my right leg. It took me a long while to work out that this was because trying to get close to 360 degree pedalling I was favouring my right leg. For the last 6 months I have been doing more specific stretching (always stretched regularly as I used to do martial arts) and attempted to cure the problem by more regualr short runs and massage.

I'd just like to know if thos who do duathlon or even triathlon have suffered or know someone that has suffered the same thing. It's very frustrating. I think I am aware of the problem and what to do, but I'd be interested to hear.


  • dd - am no expert here bit from what I have read cycling does tend to shorten the hamstring whereas running tends to lengthen it - maybe all the years of cycling has caused this and you are seeing the effects semi-permanently and maybe stretching is not enough. maybe something you will have to live with - much like me with my weight!
  • I can only advise to see a Physio.

    I managed to tear both hamstrings playing football a few years back and could never get away from niggles, no matter how much i stretched/warmed-up

    Saw a very good physio and it turned out to be my back that was the problem. Saw the physio who sorted out all the old scar tissue and the back problem at the same time :)

  • Thanks both of you. Glad at least Dan got sorted! I have heard about scar tissue being a proble, and massage helping so I am investigating that route.
  • dd - I had a sports massage on my legs this morning to get rid of some of the tightness pre a 1/2 marathon this w/e. was talking to the chap about your problem and he suspected it's probably a result of all your cycling.

    maybe getting one of these massages done and see how it goes - bloody well hurts if done properly but you should see a benefit - but leave at least 3 days before exercising hard again as there will be some bruising

    he also gave me a good ham stretch called a PNF stretch - google it for information. seemed to help as well.
  • Will do FBF, cheers.
  • invoice is in the post
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