Tired Calfs

Any advice on this subject i get to about a mile into a run and my calfs ache like hell, the only way i have found to ease them is by running down hill. Does any body have an idea?


  • It depends on how bad 'ache like hell' is. Mine certainly do ache at between 1 and 2 miles. I can run 12 though, and its my body warming-up. I often stop circa 1.5 miles and stretch my calves and then carry on. Might it be this, or does it come back again when you return from your downhill stretch and stop you going further?

    How long have you been running and how far?
  • Can't say I've ever had severe pain like this, but I used to get some problems that might be related.

    Running downhill would mean your foot isn't having to bend back so much compared to on the flat or uphill, so the muscles at the back of the leg wouldn't be as tight - might be something to do with that?

    HTH, Iain
  • I run about 3 miles, I think the problem could be my weight, im 6'3" stocky and 18st 3oz.
  • You might be right, but I would just check this out with your Doc, Jan.

  • This happens to me, my trainer says its because they need building up, so the bugger puts me on the treadmill 5% gradiant very gentle jog pace for 20 minutes.

    Its helping, just done 3 miles (feeling rather good I have to say) and the calf pain isn't as bad as when I first started running. Good luck.
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