Have I 'went mental'

I love riding my titanium MTB on the road with slicks and just wondered if it would be possible/sensible to go the whole hog and put tri bars on. Is it feasible and how difficult would it be


  • Andy Wilkinson has them on his MTB and clocks huge mileages up with them.
    So long as you have the position right, I don't see why not ?
  • TRI-bars an an MTB are a good idea - give you lots of options for riding positions - may lso be worth increasing the size of your outer chain ring
  • Which ones should I go for and what size outer ring would you all recommend.
  • i've got tribars on mine

    no need for a bigger ring - just use knobbly tyres - great training
  • Andy which bars are you using
  • [resurrects commuting bike project]
  • I won a 5mile tt on a MTB with tri-bars and slicks once.

    I think the bars were syntace?!
  • is that cso none of the realt TT bunnies bothered to get out of bed for a 5miler ? :D
  • Yeah the competition was'nt great as i only did a 11.15!
  • but that's almost 27 mph - on a mountain bike! you sure?
  • <I fear so>
  • Im going to start using my MTB for training more (and cycling to and from work though its only 3.5 miles each way).

    Have thought of swapping my tri bars over to it, ive got Profile Jammer (rather short) bare on my road bike and having toyed with them I just cant seem to get along with the comfort. They don’t seem the right dimensions for my wrists/forearm to hand grips, I can only seem to grip the top bit of the bar ends and it doesn’t bode well for confidence on uneven or rougher tarmac covered roads and the bars have nearly jumped out of my hands a couple of times.

    Im thinking of getting another set of bars for my Road Bike, maybe a set that are a little longer and joined together in the middle, would be interested to hear any comments re the Profile Jammer’s or what Tri Bars some of you use?
  • If you aren't doing long rides, then I'd just stick longish bar ends on the MTB. I used to do 80 mile rides on my MTB with my X-lite's on. and they were pretty good.

    OK - so not as aero tuck, but you did get lower, and there's no weight, so didn't affect the handling of the bike. I'm not keen on a road bike having tribars on all the time.

    I'd work hard on a bike without tribars getting the base miles in. You'll work harder given the same amount of time.

    Then as you get nearer to TLD - youd want to spend lots of time on the Tribars to get used to the position.
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