Good running Podiatrist

Strange thing happened tonite.

I had a 'phone call form a physio who'd heard I was looking for a running physio. Anyway, I had already commited myslef to anohter physio this morning and being a man of itegrity I turned down her offer of help.

During the course of the call I told her my problems and she told me a few tips that could help and if my calf was to go again to call .......

..... Simon Costain of harley Street
on 0207 7364465

It wasn't a number she had to hand so I don't doubt her integrity but put it down to fate.
She did say that with a Harley street practise he's not cheap but, in her days as head physio for Wasps rugby club she'd come acroos him and knew that he'd treated a number of international atheletes.

A starnge 'phone call it was.


  • Excellent podiatrist, previously podiatrist to the British Olympic team.
    Not sure of his prices though, but I'm sure he could sort out any foot/lower limb/ gait problems
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