Longest Distance Run in 7 days ?

I recently saw a twitter account from a dude claiming all sorts of fantastic records - including the WR for "distance run in a week". Anyone know where there is a list of record holders ?


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    I don't think guiness have a 7 day record listed, however I did find this which suggests that the treadmill record is 403 miles

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    That claims a record of 408 miles in a week was set in 2010.

    But Yiannis Kouros set a world record for a six day race of 1036.850km (644miles) in 2005 and has won a 1000km race in 5 days 20 hours and 13 minutes so I'd guess that based on those 2 records he could probably top 1100km in a week if a race warranted it.
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    Good question by the way.

    Oh and is Yiannis Kouros the bloke on twatter?
  • Interestingly not. Its some dude called Bernie Hollywood. He's also run 100 marathons but Run Britain only has one marathon down for him. Oh Athlinks have three for him. I guess the rest may be unoffical Eddie Izzard Stylee marathons ?
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    I would guess it is s troll then. Yiannis Kouros was one of the best runners at that kind of race so only a top ultra runner could hope to be able to beat his records.

    If you google him you'll find his website(in Greek but had a English conversion too) which lists his achievements.
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    no listing on the GWR website for a Bernie Hollywood, though if you google his name only results put up by him are listed. I did however find this newspaper article which states;

    having run 358 miles from John O’Groats to Carlisle in a week on his way to Land’s End

    so he may have been at one point but has been overtaken quite dramatically since



  • Cheers - jeez - 50 miles a day must have been pushing it. He seems to be a 5 hour marathonner - so that must be 12 hours a day worth of running, Oof.
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    I've always wondered this about Guinness world records, if you break one are you then always a record holder or is it like athletics where if you're overtaken it doesn't count any more (beyond being a "former record holder") as otherwise he's claiming something he no longer has, and that's unbecoming for a Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

  • I'll let you know whenever I get to be a world record holderimage
  • "I ran from John O???Groats to Land???s End in 20 days with a 15ft Barnardo???s billboard strapped to my back. It raised ??100,000 and I even made the ???Guinness Book of Records??? for running the most miles in one week (352)."

    You'd hope the wind was behind him.....
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    That link doesn't work for me but I doubt that 352miles was a record at any point in the last 30 year years because Yiannis Kouros ran 1,022km in a 6 day race in 1984.

    Unless of course the record requires the distance to be over 7 days and wearing a sail.
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    I just read the first link I posted above and it mentions the guy running 408 miles and beating Bernie hollywood's previous record of 352 miles, which was set in 2008. That is despite Kouros doing 622 miles in 6 days in 1984 and then breaking that record by 14 miles in 2005.

    Obviously Guinness on acknowledges world records that they make up/sanction do it is a load of crappola.
  • I used to hold this recorded .. For the treadmill anyway and it was confirmed by GWR... I ran 468.02 miles in 2009.....

    I believe now Sharon gaytor from the uk now hold the female and overall record which I think is now 517 miles..

    I have no plans to do it again lol. But yes I quickly saw some comments about kouros and believe he has ran further on he road... The road only has a 6 day record but don't think that with GWR but more specific running sites.

    The treadmill does give different obsticles and challenges than the road.
  • Just realised my grammar was crap above.

    Below are just treadmill records for one week

    Sharon did 517.3 miles

    Some Rio bloke ran 513 miles

    I ran 468.04 in 2009
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    Lee, good on you for commenting.

    It is all about GWR having something to write. Obviously 636 miles in 6 days beats anything less than 636 if ran over 7 days and it would be hard to argue that doing a shorter distance over 7 days is better, but saying that- you were a record holder. Kindaimage
  • Cheers...mine was just a personal goal and fundraising event. Raised 7k in 7 days so a success for me. I also got in the book so have a keep sake and my certificate is in the down stairs loo lol..

    I've ran other stuff but these days I'm restricted with an injury.

    Was an interesting forum to read. I fully agree with you all about GWR n easy to get things ratified as a record....as for the 636 In 6 days, just awesome.

    I tried my 7 day event twice once in 2007 in which I did 409 miles n then the 2009 one. Both hurt so I really appreciate some of our U.K top ultra runners , Mimi Anderson, Pat robbins , Sharon gaytor to name a few. Ultra running has come on leaps and bounds in the uk in the past ten years.

    I prefer a walk to the pub now lol
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    Welcome to the forum. We are keen on a bit of ribbing and teasing here but generally it is all in good spirit.

    Well done on your 7 day PB- I couldn't get anywhere near that !!!
  • Nothing wrong with some good banter n a laugh. I'm ex forces so no problem there. hi to all.
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