Lilleshall Sports & Injury Centre

I'm off to Lilleshall on Sat 20/10 for a 'Sports Science and Sports Injury Assessment Day' - something I saw in Running & Fitness a few months ago. I'm not sure what to expect! Anybody got any past experience of Lilleshall so I am best prepared?


  • I have been for the last two years on a squash weekend. Just something the club organise, a beautiful setting, and as much food as you could eat in two days, plus the all important bar. I can't advise about the fitness test but the place is good.
  • Cheers Knocker sounds good - don't know whether the bar bit fits though!
  • You will probably have earned a beer, don't over do and ruin your assesment, I saw the add also in running fitness and from memory they weren't cheap!

  • Of course, it has the added advantage of being in the glorious county of Shropshire!
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