Long runs in Glasgow

Can anyone suggest any decent routes for a long run (>13miles) around Glasgow?

I'm in training for the Edinburgh marathon and am getting a bit fed up of running along Great Western Road and back to Byres Road!

the bat


  • Batfink ....... I work in Scotstoun. My Training Buddy and I ran to Renfrew Ferry paid 90p for the crossing to Renfrew then Ran to Bishopton and turned right towards Esskine. Ran over the Erskine Bridge down to the bottom of Mountblow Road and along the road through Clydebank and eventually passing the Renfrew Ferry on To Scotstoun. 16 miles. Left at 4:30 last Wednesday and managed to get to Erskine Bridge before the daylight went. No head torch required.
  • Sounds like quite an adventure EEyin! I don't know Glasgow and the surrounds very well since I've just been up here since October, studying. I'll dig out my A-Z and see where I need to go.

    Whilst I'm here, do you know if the public can get access to the track at Scotstoun. I just know there is a track there but I've yet to go and find it?

    the bat
  • Scotstoun running track is open to anybody as long as to pay for a ticket. I dont know many routes in Glasgow either as Im from Gourock and my long runs are usually combined with commutes to work. I guess the canal is good to run along ...... Do you know, in May June, the Polaroid series starts. Its 4x10km races held Clydebank Dumbarton and Helensburgh on 3 consecutive Thursdays 1 week apart and finaly Vale of Leven 1.5 weeks after on the Sunday 20th June I believe.
  • Batfink,

    You could try running along the cycle path from the SECC to Balloch (Loch Lomond). It's 20 miles (or so) start to finish so a 13m+ run out and back should be easy to sort.

    Access can be gained at all points in between. Pick up a map at the Tourist Info in George Sq.


  • Cheers Tommy, I'll pick up a map today.

    Is that cycle path the same one that follows some canal or other from Maryhill out into the country?

    the bat
  • Batfink,

    I don't think we're talking about the same route.

    The one I had in mind starts at the SECC and goes through Partick, Scotstoun, Clydebank, Bowling, Dumbarton and so on to get to Loch Lomond. You do follow the Forth & Clyde canal towpath from the shopping centre in Clydebank out to the Bowling basin.

    I think it's the same canal you're thinking of, but going the other way. Starting at Maryhill you could run out towards Falkirk along the towpath but I don't know that at all. I do know that Scotrail have adverts at Falkirk & Linlithgow stations pointing out the towpath routes. Maybe take the Edinburgh train from Queen St to one of these and run back?

    See you in Edingburgh in June!

  • Nice route for a leisurly cycle to Balloch 22 miles from SSEC actually. A pint on the Maid of the Loch and back again 44 miles
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