1st 10 mile race

The most I've run ever is 10K (not often enough!) Best time 62mins. I'm hoping to run 10 miles in Llandudno in November and I'm a bit scared that the jump is too much for me. Any advice appreciated. Has anyone run this race? It's not up the Great Orme is it?


  • Just do it
    If you want to you will
    may not be a great time but just enjoy it for what it is
    Running in wales-FAB
  • Carmel,
    As you may remember from your first race (& others) it's the turning up that's the hard part! Once you get going it won't matter hpw long it takes. What might be a concern is to try going too fast. If you haven't run the distance before then you've got a few weeks to put in longer 'long runs' than you're used to. Increase the distance a little & slow the pace a little. Perhaps try 7 miles @ 10'30", & if it feels OK the next week try the same pace for 8 miles. If it feels like it's too much, go for 11 minute miles. Without being macho I'd say have a go. We don't want to get injured, but it's by pushing that we achieve.
    Now that you've posted the query, do let us know what you do!
    Good Luck Carmel.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Llandudno was my first ever 10 mile back in <cough> 1994 and I'd only done a couple of 10ks before. The step up was fine - although trying to go from 10m to half marathon shortly afterwards was hell on earth.

    The route goes round rather than up the Great Orme - there's the occasional slope, nothing too drastic. There will also be lots of runners at the right sort of pace to keep you running and keep you company.

    Assuming the route is the same don't head for the finish too fast too early - you can see it along the straight sea front from a long way back and it's easy to think it's closer than it is.

    Most important, take a long sleeved thermal top. I turned up with only a vest, got out of the car and realised that there was quite a chilly breeze across that headland. Fortunately a friend lent me a Helly Hanson top (back in the days when HH wasn't a fashion brand) because it started to sleet a bit once the race started.

    Hope this helps.
  • Carmel, you can do 10 miles at the end of November. Just increase your long run a bit and you'll be fine. Start slow and keep comfortable until you can see that finish, then pick up a bit, but not too much.
    You can do a 10 miler from 8 miles training, which is only 1 and a bit more miles than 10km.Good luck and enjoy.
  • I'm doing my first 10 mile race in November also. I found the extra traning has been very rewarding and has helped my 10k times. The only advice I would give is not to overdo it don't risk injury just go out there and show them what you are made of!!!
    All the best
  • Carmel, I only started running inmarch and completed the Liverpool half marathon on early september.i could not believe that i could complete the distance, or even would want to 12 months ago!!!!
    I've joined a local running club and the support is brilliant. i was advised to increase my long runs but keep the speed down. the first mile or two should, i've been advised should be slow.
    Go for it and enjoy the experience - we're not in it for times, just having fun and finishing.
  • Glenn,
    Thanks for the good advice. I believe it can get a bit chilly and I'm thinking about taking gloves and a hat but I need to do a bit of training in them first 'cos I do get very hot quite quickly. I need someone to run behind me and collect layers as I shed them!!!
  • Carmel

    Bin bags and/or charity shop cast-offs are the usual recommendations if you can't get a follower with a shopping trolley
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