Test drove some Nike's

went to the club session tonight only to find a Nike van in the car park - would we all wear them for our run and fill in a form at the end. so 20 odd pairs on new Nike's did 5 around Ludlow. A slightly surreal (spelling?) experience! I'm sticking to my Asics.


  • Did you get to keep them afterwards or is this some sort of sales gimick?
  • No you give them back, but are asked to fill in a product appraisal form with personal details so I'll see soon enough if its a sales gimmick
  • It is a sales gimmick! Addidas do the same!
  • These Bowerman vans are getting everywhere now.

    However, I would not be tempted to testrun a new pair from the advice given off the back of a van.

    BTW Jon, our footwear man, have you tried the Adidas A3 shoe yet?
  • Why not just run home in them?
    Someone would have to do a real good sales job to get me back into a pair of Nikes!
  • Snoop, No. Didn't bother as they are really heavy in the heel when I picked them up. I prefer a better balanced shoe, and to be honest they weigh a ton!!!
  • Well the Nike lady did have something about her and nearly everyone did try a pair. It was the first and last time for me even though they weren't bad, they also weren't good.
  • I think this is a great marketing ploy, even if you never buy a pair, they will have your details on file so expect lots of junk mail soon! Ouch!
  • Its a shame running shops dont treat running shoes like car sales. Have a pair of each that you could take home and test drive (obviously with a large deposit) and then sell them off after a few months as used trainers. Discount prices, only 100 miles on the clock, full service history,etc........
    I would even pay a couple of quid to be able to 'test drive' a couple of different pairs!
    If only real service was as important as sales!
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