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I am new here and have come to this forum because I cant find anything dedicated to ultra walking (is it even a thing).

I am really getting into my walking which has progressed over the last 6 months. I am currently training for the Moon Walk in May but looking beyond this to new challenges. My paces and distances are good and i'd like to start looking at Ultra events. 

My question is, are ultra events generally for runners or are there ultra walkers who actually never do any running during the event? I dont want to sign up to something to end up looking a bit daft for never breaking into a run.

I'm not a runner but seem to have found a passion for walking.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi coveybear.

    Although strong walkers are more than capable of finishing many ultra races, I would suggest that what you need in your life is the LDWA (Long Distance Walkers Association).


    They have local groups who walk together, but also organise numerous events throughout the country, which are incredible value for money and very friendly and cover everything from about 20 to 100 miles.

    All their challenge events welcome both runners and walkers, so you get a massive range of paces and abilities. If you have a browse of their events page then I'm sure you would find plenty to interest you.

    The only thing I would say is that their events are definitely relaxed and low key - a world away from the razzmatazz of a big city marathon for example.

    You could also look at Ultra Challenge which would probably be more of a big event style, depending on quite what floats your boat. http://www.ultrachallenge.com/

    They organise 5 big ultra events which have walk, jog or run options.


  • Hi, thanks. Ultra challenge is in the list for next year as a full distance event. I don't want to ramble. I am walking strong 15min miles at the moment. Was considering race to the stones half distance in July. I will check out ldwa though.
  • Don't worry, I was by no means suggesting you want to ramble!!

    A lot of ultra runners use LDWA events for training, as well as targeting the big classics. The line between slower runners and faster walkers can be very much blurred in these types of events.

    However, if you would prefer all the jazz of a heavily marketed event, then they may not be your thing...

  • nothing rambling about the LDWA walkers......I runner who walks some of the uphills.....and I struggle to beat some of the walkers...

    15 min miling is very fast walking..I run the flats and the downhills and walk the uphills and usually manged to only average 17 min miling....because a lot of the steep technical downhills are too steep for me to run and I am so slow on the uphills  image


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    Hi coveybearimage

    There are quite a few events that have the option of run / walk . A really good one for when you are getting your distance up is race to the stones , that's a 100k event with the option of doing 50k only or dividing the 100 over 2 days with camping overnight .

    They also have a new event this June called Race to the Kings which is slightly shorter image

    Although you say you aren't a runner why don't you pop over the Newbie ultra runner thread or have a read as there is frequently good kit discussion which you may find of help image

    Also there is a thread on Race to the stones currently where in sure all mix of abilities will be discussing tactics as the event gets nearer . don't feel you can't join the ultra run threads just because you aren't running , be it walking or running ( or crawling in my case !) you are still doing the distance ! All are welcome in ultra image
  • sean Oc 4sean Oc 4 ✭✭✭

    Don't worry...those rambling LDWA chaps will most likely pull your legs off and serve them to you with a nice slice of cake.



  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    LDWA walkers are fierce ! They can walk the legs off us runners !!!!!
  • At LDWA events I get overtaken by old blokes in sensible trousers.  Then there's cake.  Recommended.

    You may also want to check out XNRG events, as they welcome runners and walkers.

  • Take a look at Richard McChesney's blog : 'Richard Walks London' http://richardwalkslondon.com/

    He's done various 'running' events by walking them - including the TP100 and the GUCR last year.


  • If I need to walk rather than run a long distance, I need the best walking shoes for men. Why? This is because from my bloody experience with poor quality walking shoes, my feet got swollen with blisters. For one thing, they were not comfortable or soft; for another thing, they were not breathable. What walking shoes would you recommend?
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