6 Weeks to go!!!!!

Hi All,

Only started running/training about 6 months ago (the Runners World 8 week plan to start) but now only 6 weeks to London.

Training going really well and can comfortably do 1/2 marathons every weekend (well the last 3 weeks).

However, I am getting very nervous......Is this normal!!

Cheers All



  • Although I love my running and my average pace has improved significantly (I know its not all about pace) 26.2 miles at the minute seems very daunting.  I always train alone apart from the 2 or 3 races I have entered and wondered what running with 40000 people and hundreds of thousands of spectators will do to me!!

    More Stress Ha Ha

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't worry about your pace. Just concentrate on the distance. Have you done any runs longer than 13 miles yet?
  • Hi, no not yet but as per my training plan I will do a 3 hour run and a 3.5 hour run by the end of March. This would equate to about 16 mile and 19 mile according to my Maths!!
  • your training plan is very short in miles........The main thing is not to go off too fats....there is a hell a lot of difference between 13 and 26 miles.....I would think unless you are born with some amazing genetics then you will be walking alot in the second half....

    but as long as you are happy walking chunks in probable pain then you will most likely finish and get your medal..

    I would advise for future marathons that you are happy doing 13 milers before you start a well structured training programme that will prepare you for the difficult task of 26 miles

    good luck

  • As I said I am rather new to this and I just followed the training plan from Cancer Research UK (beginners marathon plan). Currently I'm doing approx 30m per week and at the minute feels fine. Appreciate what you say about the difference though. Too late now anyway!
  • I believe Mark you said your plan would have you doing 19 by the end of March - sounds normal. Have you managed the 19 miler?

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