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So a deceased person that lives in Yorkshire, has an executor in Brighton.

Would the executor necessarily be the person that made the will?

Would the deceased have had to appoint the executor in person?

Can someone else, say someone with a power of attorney, appoint an executor that isn't the original will-maker on behalf of a deceased person?



  • We live in Cumbria our executors live in Cheshire & Warwickshire 

    Our solicitor drew up our will, but isn't an executor.

    We appointed our executors in our will, but they weren't present 

    (Can you tell we have just updated our wills ? ) 

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    Thanks Dave - that's answered two of my questions. image

  • Power of attorney lapses at death- so only the Will provisions will work to appoint executors.  If all the executors refuse to act (or are already dead) the court can appoint administrators.

    Solicitors can be executors, but anyone can be.  

    If a firm of solicitors is appointed in the role it can be 'the equity partners' at the time of the persons death.

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    If an executor cannot act he can appoint another person to be his attorney to act in the administration of the estate.

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    Cheers all!

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