Cuddly club 18th Oct

I think we should stop using the F word
How are you all?
Got a pre interview informal visit in Stourbridge today, so I dont hold uoy much hope on the food front


  • You need fuel for your training dear
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Good morning
    Hope you enjoy Stourbridge Benz - it's quite an attractive place, busy at the weekends though.
    EP, in your situation I would devote at least a couple of weeks to doing things that will annoy bitch team leader hugely but which you can't be blamed for. Interesting breakfast choices btw.

  • Its been a sh1t week, think the b/f is about to give me the push, in the past I have felt upset I've always turned back to the comfort of bulimia, I am determined not to this time but it is incrediable hard, running has helped enormously tho and think I will go for a long run tonight. Food wise just taking it one minute at a time.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Get in first Gemini - if it feels like that to you he's not worth it anyway. And don't give in to any destructive feelings towards youself - don't let any b*stards get one over on you (been there).
  • Gemini, I have a cousin with Bulimia and a cousin with anorexia. It was amazingly hard but they are now both coping admirably. You can do it to!

    Good luck Gemini.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning Gordon. Any feedback on yesterday's interview?
  • It went really well Glenn. As I knew, they really want me to come back and I really want to go back. It's just a case of working out an affordable package. I'm just looking to be comfortable and to be able to pay for a wedding in June.

    They want me to look at the strategy for military rotary wing aircraft products over the next 5 years. Ohhhh, how much do I love my old job!!!
  • Morning all

    Benz - I don’t think I suit being cuddly ;o)
    Gordon - how did the interview go?
    Gemini – keep at it and remember – one day at a time

    Went out for my run last night (although I did more than I was going too) and the fresh air seems to have sorted out my dizziness.

    Had 3 new runners turned up at the club last night (all female, the way things are going we will end up a female dominate club) – all of them had a good running background and I ended up running with a lady that turned out to be a very fit police officer – she ran the legs off me – 7.5-mile at race pace – ouch
  • It went well WW. Find out Monday or Tuesday I suspect.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've lost a pound!!!!! Wayhayy. but my colleague has just handed me a chocolate HobNob - but I only took one, honest.

    Breakfast was 2 rice cakes and a yoghurt drink (slept in again) and lunch is going to be soup and some nice crusty malted bread. Very high possibility of Mr Nessie suggesting going out for pizza/curry tonight, so all that good work my go down the tubes.

    Gemini - I agree with Glen. If your relationship is at the stage where you think its on the way out, dragging things on will just leave you feeling unsettled and anxious, which is probably the worst thing if you are prone to bulimia. Get it out in the open, then you can move on. You can get support on the forum anytime you need it -we're all here for you.

    Gordon, the job sounds magic - really interesting, but then everything sounds interesting to an accountant ;-). If you really want the job, are you willing to take a drop in money (I did to get out of a job I hated and was glad I did)? You could always run off to Gretna Green to save having to shell out to feed all your relations!
  • A fine point Nessie... I'll see if the fiancee is willing to give up her dream wedding for a rainy day in the Scottish borders... I'm sure she'll be fine with that.

    I know I will regret the salary drop at times but I think I will definitely be happier in general.
  • Gemini, I agree with Glenn - if you know the relationship isn't working, and you think he feels that way too, why not be the one to wield the axe? Do it gently but emphatically so that there's a chance of staying friends - you must have liked one another a great deal once, and you're still the same people.

    The urge to binge must be a very difficult one to resist, but you can do it. You're a runner, you can do anything. Remember that eating a bit extra, or eating something "forbidden", isn't a binge, doesn't need to lead to a binge, and doesn't need purging - it's normal behaviour for a woman under stress! Don't even say "back on the rails tomorrow", say "back on the rails and into my running gear/bath/telephone call to friend as soon as the clock chimes the hour".

    It's a gorgeous day here and I really want to run, but I'm stuck in with the students until 5pm. Hope it stays like this till tomorrow as I'm taking Kevin walking in the Malvern hills as practice for her Ben Nevis expedition. Which reminds me - if any of you kind souls haven't used up all of your charity fund for this year and would like to sponsor Kevin's expedition, please e-mail me and I'll send you one of her Gift Aid forms.

    Ate a tin (well, half a tin - Mr V-rap had the rest) of cannellini beans with an expiry date of June 1996 in my veggie chilli last night. Still alive. Must check the back of the cupboard more often. Only found them when I was selecting what I thought was nice tinned food for Ivor's school Harvest Festival.

    I had a good heckling experience yesterday afternoon. Towards the end of my 7-mile run, on the way to collect the two littl'uns from school, the pavement was blocked by about 20 senior schoolkids waiting for a bus. One of the girls pointed at me, and four or five of them started pointing and chanting "tramp! tramp! tramp!" (well, I was in my scruffy gear). So I stuck a smile on my face, upped the pace, and ran straight at the chanters. The sea of scum parted with impressive speed and I ran on without looking back. Yahoo!
  • Excellent work (for a tramp) V-Rap... I was in the gym yesterday when a class of school kids came in and started giving us cheeky little comments without being brave enough to direct them at us... being the mature person I am (not) I decided to silence them by lifting the entire stack on the hamstring maching and on the quad machine (2 sets of 10 on each). The looked on in stunned silence. I can hardly walk today!!! One day I'll grow up and ignore little brats.
  • Now I'm going to have to play the scumbag employer because we've had about £70 worth of faxes (those very slow ones, I suspect, since nobody has noticed bundles of paper coming through) advertising repossessed houses - manager says "what can you do, everyone denies it", but we KNOW which receptionist has a boyfriend who does up repossessed houses to let to students. One bollocking coming up - and it will be done off the record in a dark corner without witnesses. Who, me, Mr Employment Tribunal? Never said a word. If Ms Sharky has moulded the cap to fit her head, QED.
  • Mr Employment tribunal is only good if he can prove it ... sack her .. make something real nasty up ... and then let her prove it ... oops .. being a bitch again !!!
    Today I have been worse than normal ... slept in ... (the joys) no breakfast .. now I'm not hungry and I hate Friday afternoons .. no doubt I will have chinese and a few beers tonight. I know where I'm going wrong .. I just can't seem to stop
    maybe that is, got no willpower to stop. Need my treats ...
    Ahh well back to work .. did I say I hate friday afternoons ??? ;-(
  • I love fridays its the start of the weekend (and only a few days to my hols)
  • I normally love Fridays but I hate them when your boss wants you to have a conference call with a client in the US at 8pm. That means I'll be working until about midnight again today... lovely!!!
  • Gemini - lots of wise words already, but just wanted to add (as a therapist with a client with bulimia and as a human being with a friend with it..........); think of how well you are treating your body by running. You are keeping it fit and making it beautiful. You know how damaging bulimia is. Don't go there again. You don't need to. Whatever you need to splurge out of your system (and we all have to sometimes), here is a safe place to do it, and you won't hurt yourself. Take care.
  • Gemini I totally agree with Sas so enjoy your running over the weekend but if you normally run alone, make sure you also contact some friends and spend some time in good company!

    Friday Friday Friday Yipee
    I don't have to pretend to be working while looking at these threads!
    Parents and brother coming to stay this weekend plus lots to celebrate!
    I can see lots of beer and rich food all weekend....can't wait!
    Have a good weekend all of yah!
  • thanks for all your lovely words and advice, I have been "clean" for 2 years now but I do struggle at times, am going for a splendidly long run this evening to get the bad feelings out.
  • Hi All

    Especial positive thoughts for Gemini, We're all ways here.

    Good day to day sort of, skived off work to do speed work in the gym today, not overly sucessful but did hit 12.5kph so quite happy. No lunch again as had to make up for skive and forth coming half term at clients.

    Have indulged with some of the jumpets pizza but will endeavour to be good tonight.

    The scales trembled on the cusp of 11st so tomorrow could be the day.

    Have a great weekend you forum at work guys and see you tomorrow forum at home guys.
  • Ah, not good day
    Sandwich at 10 am then no food till after interview thingy, I was held captive for 3 hours
    Think they may be desperate
    So had a pasty and 2 gins on the train
    Gemini, youre worth more than theB/F
    Dont let him get to you
  • Now hit the bottom
    Oven chips with mayo, couldnt be a''d to cook
    Ang gin, wrth cwrs(thats Welsh, Im not that drunk yet)
    Youre welcome in Wales anytime Pixie
    Or Stourbridge, if I end up there
  • God Pixie, and I thought my day was bad
    Youre not alone , were here
    And you can have a small, gentle, recuperative and slow jog tomorrow

    Love and hugs
  • EP...
    so sorry about your friend ..keep the chin up, life is never fair... but you are not alone,
    Make tomorrow another day... go for a run, clear your head, think yourself lucky you knew such a nice person, and take the positives out of what is a sad experience.
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