Foam rollers

i've been recommended to buy a foam roller for treating a stiff ITB and other muscles.

Anyone know where i can buy from one???


  • B&Q, on the same aisle as the paintbrushes.
  • [pads out quickly, realising that it's not a hairdressing thread]
  • >>>Follows Jj out, hoping to find out more about what foam rollers have to do with hairdressing<<<
  • [looks from side to side to check no narks about, and drops copy of Saga magazine, open at "Sleeping in your Curlers - new developments for poke-free slumber"]
  • >>>Has flashbacks to childhood memories of trying to sleep wearing a headful of spiky plastic rollers secured with even spikier pins, and a hairnet, and realises that own kids have missed out on a formative experience<<<
  • online physio supplies - do a google search

    i got one advertised as a 'physio roll'

    otherwise they sell them at my massage place if you are london - es physical therapy on harley street (its in the yellow pages)
  • I just bought "the stick" on recommendation from Pantman...seems to be pretty good + it was £10 of normal price...

    Not foam but similar idea..Pants has the details although the guy selling them is off in Malta to do the marathon and have a few days holiday.
  • i think i saw some knobbly ones in the gadget shop?
  • You sure that was a "roller" Andy?
  • it vibrated i believe, too
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