Silverstone Half Marathon

Looking forward to this now, but have a few concerns.

I've seen a photo of the start, how long does it take you to get into a decent stride due to massive crowds?

Also, I'm getting a lift from two pals, and one of themm is driving.We aren't gonna be able to run it together, so how easy is it to find each other afterwards!!


  • Steve G

    There are already 2 strong threads on this subject that you may want to look at, however you will get into your stride pritty quickly it soon thins out, its quite wide on the first corner, you may struggle to follow the ideal racing line but no problems , and all the Pit garages are numbered so you can arrange to meet with your friends at the back of any of them its a good event hope you enjoy it.
  • Cheers JB.

    Now all i have to worry about is my suspect stomach and an hour drive!!

    That and upping my average weekly training of the last few weeks by 10miles!
  • just digging through old threads...3 years old...nice!
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