New time aim for MK marathon?

So I'm running MK again this year, it was my first marathon ever in 2015. I did it in 3.53 and was really happy but felt i could go faster. Did a few more races, a few trail marathons and halfs but now ready to tackle MK again.

Was orginally aiming to try sub 3.45- but today did the Vitality North Lomdon HM in 1.32. the RW predictor says I should be able to do a full in 3.12....seems a lot faster than I thought.

Should I up my game and aim for 3.30 or even 3.20 or stick to the orginal plan? 


  • Personally I would go for 3:30 and if you feel strong in the last 5 miles then push the pace up a bit


  • CK2CK2 ✭✭

    Yeah I think that maybe a good bet, I would rather finish strong then collapse at 20miles!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Did you do a half before your marathon last year and if so how did the times compare?

  • I think the RW predictor is quite optimistic. 3.30 should be achievable though. I think 3.15 is too much.

    Was the HM comfortably hard or a gruelling torment?

    Did you feel strong and in control?

    How many miles are you running at the moment?

    How many of those miles are stamina ( tempo, steady state, hill repeats) and speed (track intervals) miles as apposed to endurance every day runs.

    I have only ever run one HM, in 1:31and I did it on a whim just to see what I needed to do and if I could.

    At that time I was doing 40 odd miles a week, including stamina and speed runs.

    I would hope your doing the same kind of thing

    If you are and are free of any aches i say go for it.

    Make sure you are doing  sufficient miles at marathon race pace and look up diagonals. A silly little drill that has helped me a lot in my running just to get leg turnover nice and fast.

     Best of luck

  • CK2CK2 ✭✭

    Thanks for the advice! the HM was great fun and I felt strong the whole way... managed negative splits and last mile in 6.25 minutes per mile without too much difficulty.

    Ive been following a training plan and do 35-40 mile per week with regular speed work

    I think that if I aim for 3.30 and surprise myself it would be a better experience than aiming for 3.20 and not quite making it!

  • Negative splits

    Last mile 6.25

    35-40 miles a week with speed work included

    Seems your sorted

    Best of luck.

    Have fun bring back a medal


  • CK2CK2 ✭✭

    Thanks! lets hope my 'niggles' can be kept at bay for another month!

  • Most predictors are on the optimistic side.  On average  people's marathon time is 2.2 times their half time which gives you 3 22 or 23.



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