Shin injury - advice please


I have just started running again after a couple of years off, i have remained active in that time with cycling and now want to vary my exercise.

I used to run between 5 and 12 miles 3-4 times a week at a round the 8 min/mile pace, just recently i have tried easing myself back in to it by doing about 3 miles at a slowish pace (about 9:30 min/mile) but after about 10-15 minutes the outer side of my left shin (about 1/3 of the way up my shin) is swelling up like an egg and i am getting a sharp pain up the outside of my leg upto just below my knee. The swelling is soft and 'squishy' and subsides after about 15 minutes of stopping exercise. 

Any advice as to what it may be, I know i should go to a specialist but as the swelling subsides so quick i would probably have to run there.


Thanks Graham






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    I have no personal experience of squishy eggs on my legs, sorry. But after 2 years off from the stresses of running, you can lose some of the adaptations that you had built up.  Cycling is good for you, but some adaptations will be lost.

    Maybe try easing yourself in even more gently. "Couch to 5K" might seem like baby steps, but by May, you'll be up to 5K and hopefully a stronger base from which to move forward. Good luck

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