What are chances of getting in

I've done about 6 half marathons so far (doing maybe 2 a year)and this year decided to continue and also my training through the winter having applied for FLM '03. I've never done a marathon before. Does anybody know the chances of getting in? Are places for marathon virgins limited or do they have same chance as everybody else. Should i build my hopes up?



  • Paul. In 11 years I have only been accepted twice via the ballot. If you are rejected then apply to a recognised charity, there are loads advertised who offer a Golden Bond place. All you need to do is obtain a certain amount of sponsorship for them. One top tip is to make a note of the cheque serial number you sent with your application and if you didnt pledge it to charity then if it is cashed in Dec you are in. Wyn
  • shouldn't get my hopes up then. as an astmatic myself i was going to run for an ashtma charity. if i'm unsucessful in the ballot i'll try and get in through that route then. cheers.
  • I was a first time applicant through the ballot last year, and was successful! so there is a chance :-)
  • Paul. I know of 2 runners who have been accepted 2 years on the trot. Its a lottery and I'm in it!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Applied every year since '94 , got in in '94 and '02 rejected the 7 times in between
  • Does the amount you have to raise for gold bonds vary with the charity?
  • Carmel
    Each charity seems to have a different amount required for a Golden Bond place. I have run for the Meningitis Trust who went from £600 a few years ago to almost £1000 now. If you were not too bothered about who you would like to run for VICTA only ask for £750. Its a small but very worthwhile charity for visually impaired children. Hope that helps.
  • I first applied last year after watching it every year on the tv. I was delighted when I had been accepted, have also applied this year and just waiting to see if my cheque has been cashed. You can apply for a gold bond place but there is a lot of pressure to raise a large sum of money. That is the worst thing about doing a a sponsored run the collecting afterwards. Good luck whatever you do.
  • I applied in 1999 and ended up getting a Golden Bond place. Collecting money after the Marathon was a lot harder than doing the training.
    I was accepted via the ballot in 2000 and I have now applied for 2003.
  • Yes there is hope of getting in!

    I to am a marathon virgin,people told me i wouldn't get in on my first attempt but i have recieved conformation of my place in the 2003 FLM..

    So dont give up hope!!!
  • If going for a place through the ballot then I feel everyone has the same chance.
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