FLM 2003



  • Barkles, how wonderful!!!! But how do you know already? Did they cash your cheque?
  • Not fair,you got in last year tooWho did you bribe?
  • I'm in also (my 1st marathon), was given charity place.

    Now just have to give up the fag's and booze.

  • only the fags trickle
    Booze and marathons are possible
  • Congrats Barkles, I'll see you there - but how do you know at this stage?
  • He lied about being able to do a fast time. He's got a place as an elite athlete.
  • Mr A..
    no I'm not local... I'm way up near Glasgow, where the pubs shut when the locals leave ... or get slung out. I could enjoy watching nearly as much as participating, but, as I prefer the pain I would rather run.
    Tired legs, I'll go with Benz on this one, give up the fags... loads of ex smokers on these forums will tell you same, but booze... naa that is OK, we need at least one vice, well I do !!!
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