tingly left arm!

Well, the title of the thread says it all really. When I lie down to sleep, my left arm goes all tingly, I can't find a way to get it comfortable and normal feeling again, and it keeps me awake.

I use the computer mouse with my other hand, so I have no idea what this could be.

And no, I don't think I'm having a heart attack. :)


  • Hildy - hae it checked out, just to eliminate a few nasties.

    But this is how mine started a few years ago. It progressed to abominable chronic pain for several months and resulted in many more expensive monhts of physio )includig The Rack, which alwasy made me giggle). The problem lay deep within the shoulder, where various bits and pieces were doing horrid things to nerves.

    In the end, Pilates sorted it and continues to do so.
  • sorry about the tryping - it's dark in here...
  • Oh Jj, that sounds terrible! (not the typing, the pain) I'll have to wait until I get home to see a doc though.
  • Just for now, then, I would recommend a Pilates exercise called the Dumb Waiter. I have NO idea why they give them such wierd names, but there we are.

    It's best to find yourself a good instructor, of course, but if that's not feasible, then try to find a Body Control Pilates book, or something on the web to describe the exercise.

    I shall attempt to describe it later - might take me a while to do it properly so bear with me...
  • wierd = weird, of course.
  • The Dumb Waiter - sounds interesting. I'll try to find a description on the web, thanks!
  • Page 56 Jj.

    (HA ! I knew that book clogging up my valuable deskspace would come in useful)
  • LOL!

    Thanks Cougs - but I don't have the book!
    I just remember how to do it coz I was well-taught, like.

    (as opposed to well taut, which I'm not)
  • Hmmm, couldn't find anything descriptive on the net. Is it possible to describe here, without pictures?
  • Oh jeez - lemme have a go.
  • You can just copy it out of the book, Cougie!

  • Ok - you can do it standing or sitting down in a chair. But this is for standing.

    Usual cues - lengthening the spine, neutral spine position.
    Arms hanging comofrtably by your side. Zip up and hoolo whilst engaging the pelvic floor and hollowing out the lower abdominals.

    Elbowa are tucked into your sides and palms upstretched and held horizontally in front of your body. Imagine you have two trays of drinks on them.
    Breathe in and prepare to lengthen up through the spine.
    Breathe out, zip up and hollow.
    Breathe in still zipping and hollowing, and keep your elbows into your sides, take your hands backwards, opening them and working the muscles between the shoulder blades. keep the shoulder blades down.
    Breathe out and teturn the hands to start position.
    Repeat 5 times.

    (From the official Body Control Pilates Manual - all good book stores for a tenner or so) ;-)
  • Trypiung was never my string point. Jj !
  • Ah but it is, Cougie.


    Must try a quick hoolo...
  • zipping and hollowing?!!! It's going to take me a while to figure this out! Thanks Cougie.
  • Hildy
    Could be carpal tunnel syndrome? Mine used to wake me up in the night.
  • I always wake up with a stiff left elbow in the morning , think I'm getting old

    dont you do lots of typing HIldy ? , carpel tunnel sounds about right
  • To say that I do lots of typing would be an understatement!! I do loads, and the desk in my new office isn't exactly ergonomically friendly, like my previous one was. I have to balance the keyboard on my lap to get it low enough.

    Yet another incentive to finish my thesis.

  • Awww, Hilde - that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Mrs C did her back in by working in an office where the desks had been built to fit in with an existing piece of furniture. As a result - it was about 2 inches too low and she got a really bad back from it.

    You be careful !
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