Knee pain

I ran a 16 miler last weekend. After 13 miles I had very bad pains at the area just behind my knee causing my leg and knees to stiffen up.

Im aiming for the marathon next year but dont want to struggle in the last few miles.

Does anyone know what causes this knee pain and how I can go about ensuring I dont get it again?



  • You're not increasing your mileage too quickly are you? In the absence of any other info, suggest easing back on the long run next week (to say 13 miles), then increase it at one mile per week. Unless you are planning for an ultra marathon or something your mileage only needs to get to 20 for the long run. You've got plenty of time for a marathon next year if you're already up to that kind of distance.
  • When I was training the maximum mileage I did was 10 miles so its possible I was doing too much too soon.
  • RJ

    I agree with Glenn. If the problem persists do seek advice from a physio.

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