Armstrong 2 retire ???

Five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has hinted he could retire at the end of the season.


  • oh noooooo

    thanks for providing the link WildWill

    all the same I hope he gives it another go and wins
  • I hope not! I know many feel he's conceited, but personally I like his style and will be routing for him to win and go on to more glory!
  • Is he still hanging out with Sheryl Crowe? I read the article too, makes me think Armstrong is really nervous, because he hasn't heard about Ullrich's progress yet.
  • T'will depend on this years TdF result - of course if he wins 6th time he'll be making history.
    It'll be a real nail biter I reckon, with other teams now even more geared up to toppling him from No1 spot!
  • Look up the Times online from Saturday - 3 or 4 page interview with him in Spain. And Sherryl is there too. He does talk about thinking of Ullrich all the time. (sweet)

    I reckon he'll win this year and then retire.
  • I noticed Armstong is always concerned about Ullrich. He goes on about his opposition in his second book "Every second counts" and said that Ullrich didn't really slow down when he fell off the bike etc. Ullrich (following German news) on the other hand is not so occupied by Armstrong, he seems to focus on his team, family and TdF built up. I think he is very determined as he said he doesn't want to be runner up again. In general, good rivalry and both respect each other as cyclist. I go for Ullrich. Why? He has reovered from injury, he didn't gain weight and has a better team than last year.

    Armstrong or Ullrich? Not so important, surely it will be a great race for the cyclist fans!
  • Armstrong will come second this year, then not allow himself to retire.
  • I'm listening to Tour de France by Kraftwerk right now, if you've not heard it you should give it a listen - perfect for a turbo session.
  • D'ya think ? He has had an amazing run. He's been very lucky to be able to hold it all together for that 3 weeks each year.
  • Bl@@dy lucky last year. Still it made good TV.
  • Aaah - I've got their TdF album. Weird, but good.
  • I hope he can make it 6 in a row - then he can retire, he has my permission ;-) I thought he was seeing Sandra Bullock too?
  • Seeing him cut across that field was pretty amazing, very quick reaction.
  • Parrotmad - you need to read the gossip mags more - he's not with Bullock - he's now being 'presented by Sheryl Crowe'
  • Call me cynical but....all those drugs, weak policing and control etc it is surely difficult to believe in the integrity of the TdF as an event.

    I would love to think of Armstrong as a hero but then I would have to be confident that he is and has always been, clean.
  • Timbo - look at the raids the police carry out on the main stage races. And as the athletes are in named places for three weeks at a time, it's easier to monitor them, and check for drugs.

    Wouldn't it be easier for other athletes to dope ? Marathon runners just have to turn up on the day of the race, so they are well away from invigilators for most of their time.

    I do take the point though, but don't restrict it to cycling. If EPO is a benefit to cyclists - other sports people will use it too.

    LA could be seen to be a little bit more anti-drugs. He seems to try and ignore it all instead.
  • There are more drugs in football these days
  • We hear more from Armstrong. He seems to worry a lot about his opposition. He says Team Telekom is just a bunch of overpaid cyclists with big names. However, next TdF will be decided in the mountains and none of them will be able to help Ullrich in the mountains. Didn't especially Winokurow gave Armstrong a hard time last year?
  • Vinikourov did give armstrong a hard time, and he also had a flavour for his own strength.

    I wonder how he will feel having to play second fiddle for Ullrich when he may feel like going for stage wins and a podium place himself which may have tobe sacrificed.

    Could be an interesting internal politics at team telecom which may or may not affect the outcome.

    Greg Le Mond and Hinault had similar issues one year.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    He didn't say he was totally retiring

    He might get back to triathlon. I wish he would. He may make history wining 2 different olympic sports
  • Oh and he wants to run a sub 5 minute mile too - honest.

    He's doing an awful lot of chatting lately isn't he ? Hope he's training as well. ;-)
  • Telekom have quite a strong team and everybody has to work really hard to make the team for the TdF. Winokurow seems to be not so strong in TT. Ullrich would possibly support Winokurow if he would be too far down in the ranking. Or there could be another agreement that Ullrich will support Winokurow in the Vuelta.

    Armstrong at age 17 came once sencond to Mark Allen. He certainly trained very hard at young age. However, I don't think Armstrong could win an Olympic medal in triathlon. The tiathletes over Olympic distance are highly specialised for this event, they don't do the longer events. Armstrong hasn't won an Olympic gold yet, Ullrich did (gold and silver).

    Armstrong could still do well in Ironman. Again he wouldn't be among the top there. For example, Udo Boelts former Team Telekom 10x TdF trained with Lothar Leder (first sub 8hrs man) for Kona. Boelts was not the fastest on the bike, though finished inside top 100 (9hrs30+ I think).
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    ONCE had more than one leader every year, results 0 tours. Telekom must focus on Ullrich in the Tour if they like to win.

    Don't see anybody else capable of beating Armstorng, unless Armstrong is not as strong as previous years.

    Cougie, he mentioned Indurain's training when tried to win a 6th Tour as a "Not Do" because Indurain didn't train more than 4 hours. So, I guess he is training.
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