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Anyone else running for this charity


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Run for 'em a few times (NY in '97 and London in '01 most recently)

    Not sure this time round. If I don't get in through the ballot I'll probably run in Rotterdam.
  • We have four runners who have built pages for them for the FLM so far (many more have built for them for NYC and the GNR)

    I speak to their chief exec Jane Emmerson on a regular basis and she's wonderful. I'm sure they will give you excellent support. The best think I think about them is that they offer a mountain bike if you raise over a certain amount of money. You're probably thinking - well what would I do with a mountain bike? But the answer is if you don't want it yourself, raffle it and you'll be a good way towards raising whatever you pledged to raise for them.
  • Geezer of course I don't think I am the only one running for this charity the amount of advertising they have in the running press would indicate many people will. I also saw people running for them at the GNR. However I did think it would be cool to hear from some of them. What a nice suprise to hear from someone as grounded and encouraging as yourself, and I look forward to more of your positive comments in the future. Heres hoping you stay injury free.
  • I am keen to run the FLM. It will be my first. I would be happy to finish, rather than focus on a specific time. My question is..How do I get a place ? I am happy to link with a charity ie Cancer Research etc, but I am unsure of the process. Any suggestions ?
  • Get a running magazine and ring up the charities that you would like to raise money for they will send you a welcome pack and training schedule. If you are Irish there is a big charity there that uses runners for sponsorship. Just check how much they would like you to raise to get a guaranteed place. Good Luck, see you there.
  • Hi Andrew

    The closing date for entries for the FLM was yesterday so unless you can get a place through a running club the only way you can get in now is to apply for a guaranteed place with a charity. Freaky is right and there are charities advertising their guaranteed places in running mags and in Marathon News (which you can get free from big sports chain stores and specialist running clubs).

    Also as Freaky says, you have to promise to raise a minumum amount of money from the charity to get a guaranteed place which varies depending on the charity from £800 to about £2000.

    You can use our free online sponsorship forms to raise money on the web and your friends and family can donate with credit cards with the money going to the charity straight away (minus a small transaction charge from us).

    There's also more tips about fundraising here.

    Good luck.
  • If you want to apply to run for Get Kids Going!, you can apply on their website,

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