Don Quixote

I read that many people consider Don Quixote the pinacle of Western literature. So I bought myself a copy of the new translation by Grossmann. I've read 250 pages, and although it's entertaining, I'm quite frankly getting annoyed at how DQ carries on!

I must be missing the book's deeper, profound nature.

Or perhaps not? What do you think?


  • it p--d me off too

    too self indulgent
  • agreed. I think 'great' literature has a lot to do with when it was written and of course it's also subjective in the eye of the reader.
    Personally I find the Brontes terribly dated and old-fashioned.
  • Still - I find DQ gently amusing.
  • it just went on a bit

    like pilgrims progress

    Know what you mean about the brontes
  • Read Monsigneur Quixote by Graham Greene when I was a teenager. Thought that was good. Not sure what I would think of it now.

    Remember it being slow and gentle.
  • graham greene is class
  • I love The Third Man
  • i need to read all these again

    trouble is, when i read, i dont function

    it was ok when i was a kid, book was prised away, i was fed, i had lessons

    these days its dangerous
  • the pinnacle of western literature has to be The Castle, so there
  • probably supported by 'the complete short stories', minerva, isbn 0-7493-9946-5
  • sorry
    author please
  • damn teachers with their isbn checkers
  • oh yes, of course sorry

    didnt get o with that at 9

    read most seminal texts before 12
    ha bloody ha

  • so nobody reading harry potter then.
    i`ll get me coat.
  • dont go slainte

    I just havent, thats all

    im not allowed to read
  • cos i dont do anything else if i read
  • addictive personality
  • silly hippo

    but i know how it is

    was screwed up enough in my teens by books

    avoid seroius ones now
    but any book is dangerous

    laugh if you want
  • i read alot,mainly true adventure and walking type books and lightweight travel stories,pete mcarthy,tony hawks,mark waddington ,josie dew, tim moore.when i worked shifts years ago i did read novels but these days i havent the time to get lost in a book as i lose track of time and responsibility.
  • exactly
    thats why i dont read

    so you understand

    oh, and i read vv quickly, but, id be onto the next and the next

    i would not function
  • I heard that DQ was meant to be so great because he is constantly delaying death. But from my (woman's) perspective, yes, he's just been a silly, self indulgent so and so.

    I think I read The Castle ages ago. Is it the one that isn't quite finished?

    Wish I could read more!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    never read it as a book. read it the children's reduced version with pictures when i was a kid. i have no intention whatsoever of reading the whole thing

    i think the best novel ever wroten in spanish is 100 years of solitude
  • am reading the english translation of 100yrs of solitude right now. enjoying it a lot, but can tell it would be much better in its original language.
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