Has anyone tried running during pregnancy and, if you have what, if any, problems did you encounter?

Thanks, Clare.


  • and me both trinity1...24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the whole way thru...hospitalised for weeks on end, sedated and on a drip coz I couldn't even keep water down! Got worse with each pregnancy, of which there were 3. Now a dim and distant memory...thankfully!
  • I kept running until +/- 4 months pregnant and the only reason I had to stop was because the baby was bouncing around on my bladder and while out running it constantly felt as if I had to go urgently to the loo. Otherwise running felt fine.
    After that I went to the gym and swimming and at 8 months I went swimming only and I felt fine all the time.
    I think my fitness paid off because I had no problems giving birth.
    I hope this helps and good luck with the pregnancy!!!!!!
  • Thanks for this. Luckily I have had no sickness and my GP thinks it is unlikely to start now. I did wonder about how long it would be comfortable to keep going but guess as long as I'm sensible and feel ok and don't push too hard I just need go with how I feel. I certainly intend to keep walking when I can't run, I swim and will start riding my bike again.
  • Hi Claire. I am 10weeks and had no doubt that I would be running throughout. It has been a lot more difficult than I expected! Tiredness made the runs a lot shorter coupled with a metabolism that shoots up to 25% more to compensate for the bump growing. This made me incredibly thirsty and I had to keep stopping to drink enough fluids. I had previously been a marathon runner for charity and was thrilled to find I had gained entry into the London marathon this year (first entry!) After much soul searching (I'm doing it for charity) I realsied it was a dream too far to run it 5 months pregnant. I have stuck to running with my club and they have been brilliant. I do now do other stuff like use my husbands' indoor mountain bike programme and have gone back to walking in the Peaks like I used to years ago. I found, dur to the increased pressure on your heart, my heartbeat had shot up and it was impossible in my hilly lovation to keep it under 140 - even when I tried walking up some of the hills! I aim to keep fit and hope to redduce this slightly as I get accustomed to it. Hope all is going well with you! Oh - finding maternity kit is hopeless. I am dreading what to wear for the next 3 months.
  • Hi
    In the end I only ran for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy because my breasts got so sore. However, now that my little boy is almost three months old I'm thinking of getting my kit out of moth balls at the weekend if I can get together enough energy!
  • I've been running throughout my pregnancy and yes, my boobs started to get quite sore.
    I've bought some new running stuff from  though and they definitely support my boobs better than the bra I wore before, plus they kind of grow and stretch with your body, so you don't have to buy a new sports bra every week!

    My sister ran throughout most of her pregnancy, I think she switched to swimming for the last month or so. She and baby were fine!

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