Sewing Machines?

I would like to buy a sewing machine, for things like simple clothing alterations. So, nothing fancy or very expensive.

Can anyone out there recommend a particular brand, or type of machine? How is the best way to buy one? (i.e. specialist shop, E-bay, etc...)



  • I have a Singer - had it since I was 18 - very reliable and doesn't do anything fancy.....probably don't make the same model anymore though.
  • i have an antique Singer, one with the whirly handle! great fun but does the job too...
  • i think mum has a singer.
  • Pearls a singer.
  • So, Singer is popular! I used to have a Kenmore, and even after lots of dubious home repairs in which I tinkered with the mechanics, it still worked!
  • Frister and Rossman (I think) make a good range mines a Vvvvvvv old "Cub 3" which has all the basics and not a lot of fancy bits.

    E-Bay might be a good bet with people upgrading etc.

    Modern machines are full of stuff your average dressmaker wouldn't go near!

    If you want to sew stretch stuff you need to check on the stretch stitch facility though.
  • MInes an old Singer that my gran gave me - it still has the handle on the side and has been electrified to, it's great!
  • Kenmore - don't they make Food Mixers ?

    Wife's got a couple of Singers in various states of repair. Suspect you will need a specialist shop although I think John Lewis keep quite a stock. Seem to remember seeing them when dragged around the textiles section by the wife looking for material to use the Sewing Machine on.
  • I have an Elna which must be about 30 years old - used to be my grans. Still works perfectly.
  • Have had an Elna for 25 years and have still not used all the fancy stitches. for basic sewing still use very ancient hand operated singer - does lovely even stitches. Try e-bay or is there a shop near you which sells 2nd hand machines.
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