10k twice round

My training seems too being going very well at the moment,having done FLM 2000 and a time of 4hrs 17mins I now am looking to smash this time by over an hour.

My sunday runs consist of an official 10KM route and done at least twice and if feeling good will push for that third lap.

What I would like to ask is that my running partner was out injured for 4 weeks so i ran with his wife and we ran the first 10km in 50 mins,which is suitable for her standards and i was just glad to run,but after her night out she could not face the second lap so i pushed on and ran a 38 min 10km.

Just wanted to know what people thought on this time and if i should feel confident on knocking off that time of an hour.

Happy running to all.


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    If you can run a 38m 10k you should be looking closer to 3hrs.
    My best marathon is 3.31 off a 44m 10k (although you can't really compare the two)
    I'm aiming to run a 10k in around 41 mins this winter (best 42.03) and I'm targetting 3.15 for next spring's 'thon.

    I think it depends on the structure of your training and one's endurance.
    Personally I don't think I'm all that over shorter distances <10km (need to fine tune my speedwork), but I can maintain a 7.20-7.45 min/mile pace from around 13 to 22 miles - as I do frequent 'long' training runs and faster tempo runs (10-12 miles at 7min/miling)

    Obviously the long term goal is sub3hr marathon.

    Marathons are a strange beast as if one's training is not complete , its very easy to get found out.
  • Thanks for the reply Dustin, to be honest with you i really want that sub 3hr but my next marathon is in vegas and i feel the biggest factor will be the heat, on times and performances achived i feel that i can at least get that 3:05 but feel that is pushing it.

    Hope your training continues to go well.
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