Training for First 1/2 Marathon - Advice please

Happy Friday to you all
My running partner & I completed our first 10K back in September (approx 67 mins). We are seriously considering entering a 1/2 marathon in March next year. Are we giving ourselves enough time to train for this ??

Your advice would be much appreciated!


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Very much so.
    RW had 100 day schedules for halfMs starting in the July issue so that gives you plenty of time (should be able to find them on this site somewhere).
    Congratulations on the 10km time, I personally recommend the schedules although remain relaxed about sticking to them regularly. The key sessions are the weekly long runs, and if you can muster the energy some speedwork (start with a few reps) and in time you'll not only see an improvement in your stamina, but also in your overall times.
    Word of warning, winter training can be a bugger (cold weather) but it makes you appreciate the summers, also keep an eye on the events forum, loads of spring events , and there will be loads of forumites running.

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks Dustin
    I'll check out the schedules. Not attempted any speedwork yet - think the word "speed" has put me off so far but when I think about it, I do like a good stretch of the legs towards the end of my runs! I think I just need to get into a routine and discipline myself somewhat. I usually train better when I've got a goal in mind and now I've found a training partner with similar goals there'll be no stopping me!

    Cheers for the advice
  • Well I suppose I could add myself into this thread, in that I haven't run further than 10K competitively since 1989 (and no further than, I would guess, about 8 miles in training) - but I fancy a crack at Helsby in January with a view to doing at least 1:27 and preferably sub 1:25.

    Is this feasible? If so, what are the key sessions (other than as long a run as possible!)?
  • duuh maybe I should look at these schedules as well....
  • M - loads of people start training in January (new year's resolutions) for the London FULL marathon in April - you are aiming for a half marathon and have already made a good start. Well done.
    As Dustin says, there are some schedules somewhere on this site, or try for similar schedules.
    Good luck.
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