bike insurance

does anybody insure their bikes separately, or are they covered by the house insurance?


  • depends on the value andy

    most household policies only cover a bike up to a max value of £1000 which is often not enough

    have a look at or (run via CTC) for extra insurance

    have used the CTC when when taking bikes overseas

    none of them are cheap as bikes are highly nickable and easily damaged
  • On my house insurance as named and valued items.
  • that's the other way as cougie says
  • cougie which company are you with and is there any limit on the value of named bikes
  • and does it cover crash damage? i like crashing
  • Phoned my house insurer (Abbey National) today, im covered up to £2000 but only while my bike is at home. As ill not be leaving it anywhere unattended (except for transition area's) I guess ill take the risk as its an extra £9 a month for further cover and im not sure its worth it.
  • Erm, which company. That's a good question. I have no idea ! I've got 3 insured - two for £1600 each and one for £500.

    I don't think it covers crash damage - but then I don't like crashing as much as some people ! ;-)

    And usually the bike comes off better than the rider. Unless its carbon. I hear they can snap in two in a stiff breeze.

    (so if anyone has a slightly dinged carbon fibre bike - they'd best give it to me to dispose of)

  • The London Cycling Campaign does a good policy - £750 bike is about £80 a year if you live in London, £61 outside London , includes crash damage, theft and racing, new for old, no claims discount as well. Additional cycles are 25% cheaper. Look at 02079287220.
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