TT Bikes in Duathlons/Triathlons

Just sorting out my duathlon schedule for the year and was wondering if I can use my TT bike (with gear levers protruding at the end of the aero bars) in duathlons, or does it depend upon whether it's a drafting or non-drafting event etc. I remember reading somewhere that for tris the aero bars needed to be closed to prevent any damage to fellow competitors in the event of a collision, or something like that!

Is the policy for all duathlons/triathlons, or on a per event basis? If the latter, is it simply a matter of contacting the event's organisers, or is there some secret code I should look out for in the event description?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



  • Erm, in my huuuge experience of Tris & Duathlons - (so pretty limited) it shouldn't be a problem ?

    I think it's only the elite where they allow drafting, so you wouldn't be able to play with them there.
  • I think the ITU/BTA rule banning these was rescinded for last season so you should be OK.
  • multi, you'll need to get into the water at some point
  • You can now use bar end shifters in tri/duathlons the ban on split end bars has been rescinded as of last year.
  • but sometime if you deliberately ram people whilst climbing, it can inadvertently shift you onto the big chain ring, so be careful
  • That could liven things up.

    How do we fit those rotating pointy things on our hubs a la Ben Hur, and would it interfere with Quick Releases d'ya think.
  • and can we carry those olde-stylee bike pumps with the rubber tube bit on the end, and use them to whip each other as we pass, like the baddies in ben hur?
  • And then we could take our old fashioned braces off our cycling shorts and fashion sling shots out of them...

  • its not very bronze age, but we could make flame throwers out of squeezy drinks bottles and petrol
  • or you two could just get out more.
  • Now who's being silly eh ! ;-)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    ooo i used my bar ends in hereford duath last year. got away with it though :OD
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner

  • Ok, now that we've established that TT bikes are legal(ish) in du/triathlons, what factors should one consider when deciding whether to use a TT bike or a conventional road bike?

    I can appreciate a TT bike would be a disadvantage in a drafting and possibly more tactical race, but if it's a non-drafting race and you're more less 'riding your own race' what do you do?
  • I'd say how hilly is the course. If there is lots of climbing, the extra weight of tribars and stuff prob outweighs the aero benefits.

    Ironbridge Tri has a huuuuge hill, so I used my road bike on it last year. This year I might try my Lo Pro to see which one is better.
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