iliotibial band syndrome

I have my first injury since starting 18
months ago and with some reading and advice from some very experienced runners i seem to have ITBS.I am doing all recommended stretching and am now back doing some short slow jogs.

Anybody else suffered and what advice could you give.




  • Take it easy, don't overdo things and continue all the stretches. Give it time to recover properly, but be warned it can happen again.
  • I've got ITBS as well at the moment and have been to the physio who has recommended the following...

    Rest (so leave the short jogs alone)
    Ice (a couple of times a day if possible)
    ITB stretches
  • Thanks for the replies,i am now resting.
    It is torture.

    I am arranging to see a physio and am icing
    frequently and stretching lightly.

    thanks for the help.

  • Motion control shoes may also be a solution. The band itself may not be the problem, but rather an outward movement of the knee during running. The band runs over a not particularly smooth part of the outside of the knee, so it may be the knee which is creating the inflamation of the band.
  • REST and get it sorted! And REST!!!! REST!!!!

    You have my sympathy. It's not fun.
  • Hi, you say you seem to have ITBS. I would see a doc, ask to be referred to a physio, and find out exactly what it is. I have had ITBS, i saw a physio, got stretch demo's, ultrasound etc.. Well worth seeing a physio.

    To all ITBS sufferers, it does get better, honest!!

    To all who dont yet have it! Stretch those ITB's!!!
  • Hi, I have recently been getting a pain in my right leg down the outside of my knee, right on the joint. I have the pain usually after running although it does ache during aswell. If I cross my legs for any length of time it is excrutiating to extend it again...
    I am wondering if I have Illiotibial Band Syndrome. Does it sound like I have it?
    I live in the Berkshire area and wondered if anyone could recommend a good specialist to go to to get some advice on the condition.
    Before I go to a physio do I need to go to a Doctor and be referred?

  • Camilla,

    I am suffering at the moment and I am seeing an oesteopath in Newbury who I can certainly recommend.
    Nick Honeyman - 01635 40800 £30 for 45 mins. (tell I sent you, proper name is John Hallas)
    Nice bloke, knows what he is talking about, does the business.

    I have gone direct, really never considered getting referred
  • Hi,

    To see an NHS physio, you will need to see a doctor first. Of course there will be plenty of private physios near you. You could ask a local running club for some names of good ones. Or your Doc. It can take a while for a physio appointment to come through. You can find a GP's advice a bit disheartening! So make your objective when you see the doc, to obtain either a refferal or a good local physio.

    Hope this helps


  • This sounds similar to me. I had this pain about 18 months ago and thought I got rid of it for good, but it now seems to have come back. I think it was all the DIY I did last week that brought it on.

    My pain is on the outside of the knee on the joint too and is very painful when my foot connects with the ground when running.
    If I stretch the hamstring it feels better, but comes on again a mile or so later. My question, similar to Camilla is:

    - what are the symptons of ITBS?
    - is it OK to swim/cycle?
    - how long should you rest before running again?
  • David, how is it going? I overtrained with this and spent a year trying to get back on track.
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